20" Kris Holm Muni

2005 20" Kris Holm muni for sale. Has been ridden consistantly for 6 months while inbetween bikes. Has some cosmtic scratches but muni itsself is in fantastic condition. Paid AUS$850 on december 2005, with only 6 months use (and i was learning so not even offroad) im looking for Aus$450 ono.

Happy to ship world wide, i will get a quote if you seriously intrested, Muni is in Brisbane Australia.

The muni was a gift so i dont really know about many of the specs but after a recient service i have it on good authority its in great condition.

for more info or pics email me


You Ride Bikes! i could never do that. :smiley:

Even worse i Have a road bike!

After a badly broken leg and a shattered arm and 4 operations im giving unicycling away.

So save me more broken bones and buy the Muni!!!

awwwwww. bummer. well get better. maybe one day you will ge back into it.:slight_smile:

those injuries from muni?

Not even Muni just learning and stacking it off small drops…and i mean small like gutters and bricks. I was wearing all the protective gear when it happened too.

Im just not ment for one wheel :frowning:

yea you are. thats the way god made us. just for one wheel. :slight_smile: im pretty dure youl get back into it one day.


Here is a link to lots of pics

I will ship world wide for $540 Aus max…the closer you are to australia the cheaper it is. The most postage will cost is $120Aus anywhere in the world.


Not trying to discredit or anything.

That rim I believe is known for breaking at the “wear line” on the sidewall.

If that’s the case, DAMN!!! :astonished:

Can i have it then. :smiley:

KH replaces all rims failing in this manner foc.

I heard that the sire walll will blow out pretty easy…

Just mentioning it because it looks like it’s on the edge of breaking.

Forgot to mention it gets replaced.

how much (in US dollars) for just the frame?
how much shipping be to US, Arizona?

i bet its gona be alot riley. haha :smiley:

accually i bet its gonna be around $$$120 we are ont he other side of the world.

Just the frame without cranks would be 220 US including shipping. with cranks 300, I dont know much about what you were on about before, my ex used to ride it then when we split i got it, tried to ride it a few times and snapped way to many bones.

its a good uni, the only bad this is the cost of shipping!!!

Price Drop

im moving overseas really soon so i need to get rid of it.
$250 (aus) ono…what a F*&%ing bargin

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