20"kh splined unicycle for sale

hey everyone,

I need to sell my 20" so i can beef up my 24"!

so if anyone is looking for a trials unicycle im your man.
-Yuni frame
-Luna tire
-alex D32 trials rim
-KH splined hub and cranks
-brand new axiom trials pedals ( very light and grippy)
-i can give up my viscount and normal seat post if necessary

im looking for $280 CDN O.B.O

thanks for your time,


p.s. the right crank is a little tweaked… http://gallery.unicyclist.com/view_album.php?set_albumName=album499

what does it wiegh?

around 12-13 lbs

I don’t think so. I believe KH’s are more round 15ish. It doesn’t matter though, as long as it holds together, as it should, learn to work it. :slight_smile:

A little off topic: A Yuni frame fits the KH bearings?
I thought Yuni was 40mm and KH 42mm.

I might be interested. Im not sure yet. If you want to, IM me at pissinlemonaid. thanks

Thats proly why my firend has had so much trouble…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

well it weighs 15 but it has a viscount and a reeder handle on it.

so thats where a bit of the weight comes from. The Yuni frame works fine on it, infact it came like that and thats how ive been using it for years.

come on guys i need to sell this ( i can go down to 250 cdn)


What is cdn?

Canadian currency

Hey unibrow or what ur name is.

is this uni still 4 sale? if so will u sell it in parts? if so what do u whant 4 the wheel (tyre, tube, rim, spokes etc, hub, cranks, all spacers and so on but no pedals) so i can bolt it into my frame and put pedals on. so yer what $ do u want for that

men ur late go home

if you split it uf for parts ill take the frame, saddle and seatpost if you will ship to america

dude this post is over a year old… i dont think ur going to get any parts…