20 inch Wheelset

I’m in need of a cheap 20 inch wheelset now, because the one I purchased 3 weeks ago hasn’t come yet, and it’s looking like UPS lost it.

It would work best if I could pick it up at NAUCC.

Preferably a nimbus or koxx rim, but I’m not too picky.

Would you be interested in DX32 rim, KH Moment 07 hub, KH spokes (little bit too short but it comes with another set of spokes(long enough))? I have this wheel lying in my room and I only rode it like twice to test it. I’ll finish adjust the spokes if you want it.

PM me if you’re interested, and make me an offer!

I have no idea what to offer :stuck_out_tongue: But I am looking pretty solid at the moment. What would you sell it for :stuck_out_tongue:

I just remembered that I was supposed to sell the whole uni to Eli’s friend. I will talk to Eli as soon as I can and I’ll PM you to tell you what’s happening.