2 skill questions (fwd)

>1) When learning to idle with 1 foot what should you do with the other foot?
>I have been putting it up on the frame. Doing this I can now idle with 1
>foot pretty well. I can’t always go into and outof a standard idle yet but
>it is comming.

The frame is your most stable point. You can hang your foot in the air when you
want to get trickier.

>2) Any hints for riding with the seat in front or behind? I have been working
> on riding with the seat in front for some time know and don’t seem to be
> making any progress.
>I start with pedals horizontal, seat in front and holding on to an object
>then just start out. I can’t get past 1 or 2 revolutions of the wheel,
>usually falling off to the left. How far in front do you hold the seat? How
>fast do you go? I feel like I am try to go to fast. Do you stand up straight
>and keep you knees pretty straight or stay low and keep them bent. Nothing
>seem to work for me.

I started from a moving position, pulled the seat out, and went. If you hold the
seat close to your body you’ll be more stable, and later you can hold the seat
out front. I go at a relaxed speed when I do this. I also try to keep pretty
good posture, and don’t bend my knees more than necessary.


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