2 different 29-inch Yunis...?


I’m interested in getting a unicycle purely for distance riding, and of course, a Coker is my first choice, but with the airfoil rim upgrade, it’s over 500 bucks, which is a little out of my reach…and I’ve already decided I don’t want a coker if I’m not going to be able go all out with it. Sooo…

I was browsing the 29ers on UDC for a reasonably priced rig, and I saw this 29-inch Yuni for about 300 bucks, which is a bit more reasonable for my budget. I was getting excited about finding a new prospect, but then I saw the one underneath it - another 29-inch Yuni. This one, however, was only 250 bucks. I thought, well, must be different; the quality of the cranks or the hub or the spoke gauge or pedals or SOMETHING…but I honestly cannot see, from the specs on UDC, what warrants that 50 dollar price difference (and there were no reviews for either unicycle, which didn’t help matters much).

So I ask you (with a no-luck site-wide advanced search beforehand), what is the difference in these two unicycles? And for that matter, are Yuni’s even reliable tourers?


I don’t see much difference. The crank arms for the $300 one are “Bike Euro” and the tube is a presta valve tube. Looks like you get your choice of frames with the cheaper one. I don’t think there’s enough difference there to warrant paying $300. I’d go with the cheaper one.

edit, ah yeah…those are pretty much the same, besides the black rim on one both are optioned in black.

Have you thought about the Nimbus 29er? I’m sure you could probably get a seat upgrade (highly recomended as something like a gel seat is much nicer than a standard KH). You don’t need a square top crown on a 29er so a nimbus would be just fine.

beware, once again the pix dont match the description…

the cheaper model lists a “quick-realease seat clamp” but is pictured with one thats not…and it says it has a 25.4 seat post but the frame and post are clearly 22.2

you may want to call before you order so you can know what your getting exactly.

I’ve considered it. Would I be able to do an air-seat conversion to the stock nimbus seat (can’t recall what that is at the moment)?

Edit: Oh it’s just a normal KH seat, durr. What would you recommend as an upgrade off UDC for a seat? Or just some no-name gel seat from my LBS?

Edit: Oh, I just these. Would that be a good option, since they’re nimbus seats, and it’s a nimbus uni?

I’m guessing the one for under $250 did not include the KH saddle before (hence the discrepancy with the picture, and the note at the bottom), and that was part of the price difference.

From what I have heard and from my experiments with air seats I would suggest getting the nimbus gel seat over an air seat. I don’t believe it would come with the nimbus but it may be the same price as the nimbus is the same price as a KH. Just give them a call and ask them.

Well it’d just be buying the uni and a gel seat, 260+ tax/shipping, sounds easy enough. But gel seats are comfortable for distance riding, though? That’s my main question.

I have a Nimbus 29er with a Nimbus Gel seat (I paid full whack for the gel seat as a spare - they’re now a low cost upgrade on the Nimbus 29er in the UK).

It’s quite a comfy seat, even for spending an hour or two in the saddle, I like it. I also got one on my UDC radial 360. Last time I spent that long in the saddle I did feel some numbness by the end of the ride, but that was all.

I found it worth the money for an upgrade (from a cheap Velo saddle which never seemed to be shaped to bit my behind!).

Everyone’s bum is different, though, so opinions about seats do vary wildly.

I found it much more comfortable than an air seat. The air seat seems to compress everywhere, although that means even pressure everywhere, there are some parts I just don’t want pressure and with a gel seat I find that I avoid pressure in unwanted areas.