2.5" tyre?

I think I’ve finally found the reason I’ve been lacking 1 metre hops… how much extra jump height could I expect to get out of a 2.5" wide tyre compared to my current 2.25"? What sort of rim is best for 2.5"?


long jump or high jump?

Hey, Pete66. I was hoping the same thing when I got my 3" tire. And actually my hopping height did double:) That is, it went from 120mm all the way up to 240mm:( But I think if I keep practicing hard enough and keep up that old American work ethic I might obtain .5 meter some day. In all seriousness, just get the trials tire/wheel if you can. You won’t regret it :sunglasses:

what rim?

The 19" rim fitted with the 2.5" tire is definitely what you want.

I was just reading some of your other posts. You hop much higher and are probably a much better rider than me, and already have a KH 24 all of which begs the question: Don’t you already know what size tire and rim you should be using and why :thinking:

Well, actually my hopping height seems much and much between my 24x3" gazza and my 20x2.25 Maxis Holy Roller. It’s hard to compare them directly because the KH is heavier.

I just dunno if I wanna go through the hassle of spending the money, rebuilding the wheel and stuff for the extra .25" width. I’m not even completely certain if a wider tyre would fit in my frame…

Watched Universe2 for the first time today, man some people can do some good rolling hops ay. I’m starting to do slightly bigger ones but still can’t really push the uni forwards and up the way the way that they do it.

Hands up who’s tried stairs in reverse? I reckon you could hurt yourself doing that!

I bought a helmet cam the other day, watch this space.


Your thinking is good on the wheel rebuild etc. Not worth it. Check the price of the Summit on E-bay. Half that of the KH. One of my sons has a nimbus with the high volume 2.5" tire on a 19" rim. The other three have 2.25 MAXIS. They want to ride his. He does not want to ride theirs. :wink:

You can get an onza trials tyre that fits on a standard 20" rim from http://www.unicycle.uk.com might be worth trying one of those if you don’t want to rebuild the wheel.


Has anyone run into difficulty fitting an onza rim and tyre onto a “learner unicycle” or any unicycle? I don’t know what sort of frame I’ve got, it’s 10 years old but it looks about the same as the Axis things on uni.com. I would measure the distance between the forks except it’s all the way out in the boot of the car.

In Universe 1 you’ll see Kris Holm jumping quite well on what seems to be a less than 2.5" thick tyre. The lesson here would seem to be that a better technique earned through hard work will add to your jump height, rather than a new tyre. But of course the extra bounce always helps.