2.5 on a Torker Unistar???

Does anybody know offhand if I will be able to fit a 2.5 tire between the forks on a Torker Unistar or will be rub?

Also do I have to buy a new wheelset/rim for a tire that wide or will it fit on my existing rim??

Thanks for the help.

I believe a 2.5 in tire will fit on the torker unistar black, but only a 1.85 in tire will fit on the torker unistar chrome. I dunno anything about the rim though.

The Unistar is the 20"Modle right?

If it is remember that the Monty and Onza style 20" tires will not fit on a 20" rim and need special 19" Mod Rims.

But I have heard that Walmart has been selling fireballesk tred Mongoose 20" by 2.3" tires I think they are really more like the hookworm than anything close to a fireball but I have yet to see one of these tires in person.


Canadian tire sells a kid’s bike with these tires that are 20X2.4". the tread is exactly like a LUNA tire. on the sidewall they say “INNOVA” or something like that. They look really cool.
Also, i believe that the unistar comes in a 24" model too, and that is probably what he’s talking about.


Nope I am wondering about the 20", that is what I have (I’m short) :slight_smile: