2.4 or 2.5 inch tires for a true 20inch rim

Someware on the internet i found a 2.4 or 2.5 inch tire for a true 20 inch rim. I am asking how much of a (weight and riding)difference will there be if i put that on my 05 torker dx to use for trials? and how much of and difference ( weight and riding) would puting a alex 19 inch rim with a 2.5 inch tire on my dx>

well, I don’t know about 20" tires, but I know that a DX 32 is a 36 hole rim and a torker DX hub is a 48 hole hub. soo, you’re gonna have to do some crazy wheelbuilding to get that to work.

Unicycle.com UK has the 20x2.4 trials tyre

There is a variety of unknowns, uncertainties, and difficulties involved:
-Don’t know if the 20x2.4 will fit in the DX frame
-DX has a rather skinny rim compared to trials rims. Don’t know if there would be tire foldover problems doing trials with the 20x2.4 tyre with the standard 20" rim on the DX.
-The DX has 48 spokes and most trials rims are 36 spoke. UDC is very likely trying to source some 48 spoke rims and may already have some. Give them a call to find out.
-Don’t know if there is a wider 20" rim available that takes 48 spokes. A wide rim, like the trials rims, for a standard 20" with 48 spokes would be neat to go with that 20x2.4" tyre.

UDC (in the US anyway) now has a 48 hole trials rim simaler to the KH rim. It costs 30 dollars, but is not on the website wet, so you have to order it over phone.

thank you all,
and what are your thoughts on street riding on a trials virsises street riding on a 20 inch with a 2.4 inch tire?

Im pretty sure a 2.4 would fit fine in a 05 DX frame. caw89 says the 2.5 luna trials fits the frame, but with occasional rubbing.

are you saying it would not flod over

ive seen a bunch of 20x3 tyre on various chopper bikes but the tyres dont seem to be available separatly.

Giant makes a chopper with pretty cool fattys.


Seems like it would be a good idea. The slightly larger wheel would mean fewer pedal strikes on the ground when doing spins and other freestyle moves. Just make sure you have a wide enough rim so you don’t get tyre foldover problems.

You’ve basically only have one trials style tyre choice though in the 20x2.4" size. If you go that route I’d keep about two tyres in reserve just in case that tyre is no longer available. That way you’d still be able to ride for a little bit if the tyre is discontinued.

i just called my local Giant dealer, they said the 20x3 tyre on the Giant Stelletto is availble now for 26 bucks!

its called the Magnum 20x3.0

guess where i am going after work…

Saying it would fit the frame.

thank you all once agen
“Seems like it would be a good idea. The slightly larger wheel would mean fewer pedal strikes on the ground when doing spins and other freestyle moves.”


I never thougt of it that way, I was thinking of hopping and skinneys and other stuff.

Dose any one no for shour wether it will fold over ?
And would a 3 inch tube helps or prevent that?

By the way i am 112 pounds if that helps

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sometime next week i will be getting the Magnum Three Point 0 20x3.0 i ordered today from my local Giant dealer and pic’s will insue.

it wont fit your Torker DX but it sure as hell will fit my BC wheel.

time to go tell Palmercycle that he missed his chance…i now need that wheel.

So i am going to order it today, but i cant find the web site selling it in us curancy. I know it was a mountian unicycle shop??? any one know the site or a mountin unicycle shop?
EDIT: it was municycle . com i was thinking of but i guess thay dont have it ? Were else can i buy one? and what do you guys think about tire

I guess you didn’t see John Childs post but you can buy the 20x2.4" tire from unicycle.com in the uk ( www.unicycle.uk.com) see this link

13 pounds is about $23


I did but i am in the USA and i didnt think thay would ship to the US.

They will but for more money.