1st NUTS - 27th Jan 2007 - Manchester

It gives me great pleasure to announce, that the first NUTS (Northern Unicycle Trials Sessions) meet will be held in Manchester on the 27th Jan.

This is going to be the first, of hopefully a steady stream of meetings around the north of England, doing both Trials and Muni… and whatever else you might wanna do.

But back to the 27th… We will meet regardless of the weather (unless too many people object to this…)

The main attraction will be the Projekts MCR skatepark. Just take a look at it! It looks awesome. There seem to be alot of friendly and helpfull people around there.

After there, we will ride the City (or as much as we can).

What time do people wanna meet? Id say about 11-12?

Please post up here if you are interested,



i’m really gutted cos it looks like i won’t be able to make it im unicycling in weston super mare performin, gutted

Sorry if you can’t come Lucas but remember to get your priorities… Money or Fun?

But apart from that:
Yay! Cheer!

[SIZE=3]I’ve designed a little webpage for it… I’ll get it uploaded to a .tk domain today or tomorrow.


sounds fun

ill be there unless i have an exam or somthing

There like a bear in his underwear.

Pete’ll be up for photography but not riding I don’t reckon. He went and fell off a giraffe and broke his wrist.

I’d like to come to ride around and gaze in wonder. Kind of a trials groupy. If nothing else is going on.

typical, i live in manchester and its on the day im up in newcastle!

amanda, train tickets are up to half price with a young persons railcard, might be worth it, may even save enough on the one journey, i saved £19 this weekend to get to newcastle, and its only £20 for the year i think. And you can use it on trains all year, Bonus!

Friends, Romans, Unicyclists! Lend me your browsers

NUT has it’s first, very own website. It may be just a single page and it may be bare, but it exists!


I’ve probably forgotten some things… PM me or make suggestions on the forum and I’ll get them on the site as soon as i can.


I would love to come to this!

I will have to see how much money I have and if im free that weekend. Only problem is that the trains are so dam expensive!

We will have to see.

Rock on!

:smiley: ile come where in manchester? how old do u gotta be? im 13
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

well, before i go any further, i will warn you that i AM drunk! ill try my best though…

Andy, i like the website,well done son! The graphics thing at the top is nice. Only thing is I think it should say NUTS, with ‘Northern Urban Trials Sessions’ underneath it, but i didnt make it, so i cant really complain!Good job!

Dale, you better be there. And Kit, are you going to be there, or just Pete? Was it a big giraffe? and is he any good with the camera?

lucas screw the gig, come ride with ur buds, havnt seen u since unicon :stuck_out_tongue: how has your hair gorwn back btw? I did get a few funny looks, and also did anyone actually get a tattoo? 8)

hey mark, i havnt even spoken to ya on MSN for awhile, hows it going? U coming up to newcastle for anything good? If i’d known we could of had a ride. I think I might drive back on the saturday night, so if your still in town on sunday just let me know if u want a ride…

I have emailed those lovely folk at UDC and asked for a plug on their calendar, too :slight_smile:

and Cathy… a trials groupy!? haha, sounds good to me… but seriously, we will get you riding. The uni that is!!! You should come up! :slight_smile:

Miss Gallacher, you should deffo come up! We wanna see some of those freestyle skills of yours!

Also, when i was sat in the pub telling my mates how i couldnt wait for ‘NUTS’, I thought I’d love to get some really good tshirt designs done up. Maybe at the end of the year with all the ‘tour dates’ on the back? :stuck_out_tongue:

okay, im going to bed… I love each and every one of you! :smiley:


you can be any age you want to be. Did you know roger is only 7! We take no responsablily for you, or your actions… its all at your own risk :slight_smile:

where in manchester is it??? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Ok, here’s the deal… You make it down to Derby for the hockey the week before, and me and a bunch of the Derby/Nottingham dudes[1] will be in Manchester on 27th


[1] I’m drunk too… so I promise nothing on behalf of Derby/Notts… but I’m sure we’ll be able to russle up a few peoples

only if you tell me you ‘real’ name, monkey!

Yeah, I’m deffo coming down to the winter warmer… I even plugged it on a threadf, this it was the one about the southern meet :slight_smile:

What have you been drinking? I’ve had some fine local beers :slight_smile:

I dunno, just go to say, Manchester train station, im sure someone will be passing :stuck_out_tongue: Or someone can meet you there :slight_smile:

Joe - consistantly good advice

My ‘real’ name (which really begins with an S) has appeared on here far too many times, but it’s not hard to find!

And the beverage of choice tonight was Hardy & Hansons Best Bitter. I suggest you try some whilst you can as Greene King has just bough the brewerey and are about to bastardise it in to something else :frowning:


Spencer Owen, at least your not one of these larger drinkers… i dont know how they can drink the stuff, its awfull! Cant beat a PROPER pint!

what do you think of Newcastle Brown? Personally, I think its lovely, and it WAS brewed here in Newcastle, until they moved it to the other side of the water (Dunston), so technicaly its not ‘Newcastle’ Brown ale, and they are lifting that thing that stops it being brewed anywhere in the world, so it could be made anywhere! :astonished:


PS - your model T rocks!! anyways… back to topic…!!!

Yeah man, good on yer! S’official and everyfink now… Goota be, it’s got a website.

It was a six footer, he got his troosers tangled in the chain and came down arse about tit.

I shall definitely be there… Maybe even in clean underwear.

Pete’s pretty nifty with a camera. He can borrow decent ones from college. He’s doing a graphic design/photography course. I’ll get him to link to the NUTS site from unicyclepics.co.uk too.

Yeah, you should totally come along Cathy, A guy I met whilst out boogieing in Manchester last weekend is coming along too I think and he’s very new to riding so you shall not be the only trials groupie.

Good call. I’ll get Pete to work on some shirt designs as well. He has a cafepress page I think.

Possible Shirt slogan:


You’re my hic beshtest mate you hic are.

Bloomin’ reprobates.

On the day of rest too, ungodly so and so.

Blimey, someone has done their research! :smiley:

I do enjoy a pint or three of Newkie Brown, but it’s more of a treat than a regular thing. The cooking bitter normally does me fine!

STM - realising this is going further and further off topic, so here’s a quick photo of 3 unicyclists with Hardy & Hansons t-shirts on outside a pub…