1st gen KH trials - what's it worth?

Someone local is selling a first generation KH trial uni on craigslist I was wondering if these were the ones that had the knob sticking out slightly by the axle at the top of the crank (can’t quite tell from the pix that were posted with the ad)? I recall riders bruising their ankles on this part of the uni back when they first came out, is that right?

The price is currently at $300 OBO - sound fair? It looks to be not that heavily used. I am just idly thinking it would be nice to have an older style KH though I wouldn’t really be needing the skookum hub/crank combo for my kind of lightweight 20 inch wheel messing about and therefore would prefer to spend a little less than the suggested price.

I would say $300 is a bit much for that uni, considering for 60 more dollars you could get a new KH from AEBikes.

I would consider it worth about 250-300 if its relatively new. Its still pretty good, just heavy and old.

Also Brian, she is in Canada so its CAD not USD, although we are starting to get close to you.

Thanks for your input guys.

So is this the model that was the ankle bruiser?

The first generation was indeed the ankle eater…it was AWFUL, lemme tell ya, I’d come home with the sides of my socks all blood stained after every ride, till I got to expecting it so I’d bring a pocketful of bandaids with me. Then I got 661 ankle guards with thick plastic sewed in, which worked wonderfully, but it eventually ripped the plastic itself out.
Then I got new cranks.

I never had any problems riding with the nubbed cranks. You can always denub the cranks if you’ve got a grinder or access to any kind of machine shop.

I would never pay more than half the origianl price for something second hand, even if it was relatively new and still in good condition. The price goes down for the older it is and the less shiny it is.

But that’s just me, I love new, shiny things.

You have to take into account that this is a 1st Gen KH, and as such was probably more than $600 new.


Yeah i’d say half of whatever a new KH costs where you live, maybe a bit less.

any pics of a 1st gen kh?

…ahhhh, that’s what I thought! :astonished:

I’m not very interested in the ankle bitter special. But if I was, I agree with you Cath, preferable to have new, or at least well kept, and shiny! Oh to be afflicted with gear-headitis!

I think I’ll pass on this trials uni as its not so much trials I’m interested in anyways but doing some simple messing around on a 20 inch wheel. I’ve had two 20 inch unis already and sold both each time thinking there really wasn’t much application for me in the 20 inch. Inevitably I miss that wheel size in my stable and gradually start casting about for yet another of the wee playful uni’s.

Strictly a second generation KH, but the only major difference was the crank nubs.

thanks, what were they like other than the nubs?

They were stonking, when I got in to muni the only options were the nimbus (which i had) and the onza (which loosemoose got, and annam now rides), the KH came out a few months later and the third guy in our group got one, which he still uses for muni. He’s not cleaned or maintained it in any way since he got it and it’s still pretty good. they are heavy tho, when stripping his 04 KH and my 05 KH to go to unicon the weight difference in the frame and crankset became very apparent!

A year or two later when i bust my nimbus hub i got a gen 1 KH hub with the nubs, they were never a problem, not once, but I guess for trials it’s very different.

yeah your feet don’t come close on long cranks

I rode muni with the 140mm trials crank aswell.

how were the hills?

So, that is the length of the 1st gen KH trials uni cranks then, 140 mm?

Yes it is.

Also I believe Darren may do denubbing.

Another thing to take into consideration is how much it would cost to buy a splined trials uni if you weren’t buying this one. It would probably cost you at least 3-400 for a splined uni in Canada, so do a bit of research, remember that buying from across the border is probably going to cost about 80-100 bucks including taxes and stuff. Give Darren a call, ask him what he can do for you. You could probably do pretty much all of that in about a half hour of looking around, so don’t say you don’t have to time either.

Yep, but Qu-Ax do make a 127mm crank specificallly for the old KH hubs, but they don;t appear to be available in the US, and they aren’t cheap.