1st coker ride

I got my coker last week and I’m loving it! I bought the remaufactured version from unicycle.com. I’ve ridden it to school and back (about 4 miles round trip) and on Friday I met up with Scot Cooper and Mike ? as they came through Santa Barbara for the Amgen “Califorina Coast Classic” bike tour. I rode with them for about 3 miles down State street and met up with fellow coker rider Hans. People kept stopping to look at our four cokers piled together on the sidewalk.

I love the looks and the “thumbs up” I get from people. I’m hoping to put lots of commuting miles on my new 36in ride!

Jason! It was a pleasure meeting you. Congrats on your new (shiny) coker. I hope you find it as addictive as I have. Nothing makes me happier than a pile of cokers. Maybe next year you can do the whole ride with us!

Where did you buy your Coker?

I’m living in Alaska and it’s very expensive to ship a 36" Coker up here. I’m heading to California at Christmas. Is there a place in California you know of that I can buy one?

What cost?

Dave D.

Re: Where did you buy your Coker?

just buy from unicycle .com before you go to cali and have them ship it to the address you are going to. that might work unless you are staying in a hotel

Shipping for the coker to CA was about $50 for the UPS ground option (cheapest). If you do have it shipped to CA make sure you allow 5-6 shipping days.