1ft ww

anybody got any advice on 1ft ww? I need help! :slight_smile:


Can you already wheel walk two-footed? If so, the transition is pretty easy. If not, I’d say back up and learn two-footed first.

With only one foot on the wheel, you can’t make as big of a push as you can with both feet. Therefore, you have to make smaller pushes, and they have to come in pretty quickly.

When I was learning this trick, I would start just as a mount, with my dominant foot on the tire, pull up my non-dominant foot and put in FIRMLY on the crown, and start pushing.

I always had a tendency to lean waaaay too far forward, and I would just accelerate until I fell. LEAN BACK! I know its scary, but to get it controlled you need to lean back a little bit.

Throw your arms up high for balance. Most people will say look where you’re going, not down… I have better luck looking at the tire. I did this with regular wheel walking, until I got it down. Now I can look where I’m going… I’ll probably be able to look ahead whilst one-foot wheel walking once I get better at it.

Once you get ok at walking with one foot, try putting in the transition from riding. I do it by slowing down, bringing my dominant foot up onto the tire, and start pushing as I bring the other foot onto the crown. Try different ways to find what works best for you though.

Also, read the tips on http://www.unicycle.2ya.com … wheel walking is under the freestyle tips.



Check out the advice on The Unicyclopedia’s freestyle page.

For one-footed wheel walk, try to drag your foot along the tire as you go, so that it’s more like gliding while propelling the wheel lightly when necessary.

Try going to it right from wheel walk, but if you have trouble with that, try it with a wall or low ceiling. Also, try it barefoot.

Generally, if you want advice on something you should try to explain exactly what you are doing and what your problems are so that we can help you better. You asked about stand-up wheel walk a while ago, but if you can’t do one-footed wheel walk yet, you are a long ways from stand-up. Keep up the practicing, though and you’ll get it eventually!:slight_smile: