19in trials rim

Im gonna need a new rim so if anyone has one that they want to get rid of post here please:)

I know Simon Berry has a few he’s getting rid of fairly cheap
you could contact him, would involve shipping though :roll_eyes:

Thats cool, how can i contact him?

Yo, I’ve got a spray painted white 19 in. rim that you might want if you don’t care about a crappy paint job and spoke scratches. I could sand it and maybe repaint it the right way if you wanted it. Ask for pictures if you’re interested.

what kind of rim is it?

I dont mind about how it looks, ill put a paintjob on myself. I actually enjoy doing that stuff.

It’s a rim I got with an Avenir unicycle.

nahh i dont think i would do good with that rim

thanks for the offer tho:)

I have a lightly used Nimbus rim tha I don’t need. Not sure it would be worth shipping from Canada though. If you think it is worth shipping down throw me an offer.

prolly not dude, shipping would be a killer and then the exchange rate to
Thanks for the offer tho :slight_smile:

shipping would likely be a killer if you were to buy simons rim too, he’s in the UK :stuck_out_tongue:
but you could pm him on here, his username is simonb

well i could just move to the UK and then it would work out pretty good haha

Well, if you want something a little different from everyone else…

19" Arrow “Fast Wheel” made in the USA. 36h, 578g, 33mm wide, double wall, welded seam. Strong as hell, Some scratches but overall very good condition. Aerodynamic for high speed. :slight_smile:

Came off my trials bike. Everything has gone 32 hole in the bicycle world.
$35 + shipping

I have a K1 street rim back home in the U.S its orange :smiley: if you would like me to sell it to you just pm me. The only problem is I’m in Hungary now and you will have to wait till the 6th of October for me to send it out but I’m sure I could get my mom to do it earlier if you’d like.

anyone else out there with a rim?
Preferably a K1 street rim, gonna put an order in tonight so just wondering.

I’ve got an orange K1 street rim if you’d like it?