1976 Schwinn Uni

This one has the “Monty trials 20” conversion kit.
new chrome, oem stickers etc.
Just curious if it’d sell to some one who would appreciate it.
what I’d really like is a mtn/uni
I can post a pic, just don’t know how…yet. So till then…

Yea… you knew I’d get it, sortof …click on “goldan”, “view public profile” & there it is

Those are some seriously long cranks. 150mm? What kind of hub does it have?

I’ve been riding with a handful of kids here who are all looking into getting trials/street style 20" unicycles. I’m always looking out for good deals for them. Depending on your price, this looks like it’d be right up their alley. How much were you looking to get for it?

Well good eye my friend. I hadn’t thought too much about the cranks.
I ordered the wheel as a “built” set ready to go from Unicycle.com, it was offered as a remedy/upgrade to the classic Schwinn 24" wheel it had, which was kinda week but normal back in the day… I can say it climbs real well.
So I’ll take a closer look at it and give you the mm length etc.

Thanks for the interest.