19" Unicycle Wheel Truing Stands (U-true 19)

Hey everyone!

My friend and I have started manufacturing and selling 19" Unicycle wheel truing stands. They are very high quality and made out of 3/4" maple plywood, which is very strong and durable. We both have 6 years of woodworking experience, and we make sure that every stand we make is top notch.

The price for one of these stands is $70, which is substantially less than other truing stands on the market. Plus, our stands are made specifically for truing unicycle wheels!

For all the info and specs on our stands, and if you would like to purchase one, please visit our website link below. (pay via paypal - prices include shipping and handling and all those sorts of fees)


I might be a customer. Are you thinking of making stands for larger wheels in the future?

if ya made them for 26+ id buy one

Thanks for the interest

Hi muni123 and knoxuni! Sorry for such a late reply, I never got a email when you 2 replied. Anyways, yes I have 1 adjustable truing stand for sale right now, and have another one being made at the moment. They allow you to true 19", 24" and 26" wheels. The way I have made the stands enables bigger inserts to be put in if you wanted to true 29" and 36" wheels. Anyways, you should check out the website, you can order there with the paypal button if your interested.

New adjustable stands for sale. 19/24/26" Sizes. $90 each

Hey guys, Sorry I forgot to put a link!

What about a fat 26 and a wide 29