19" tire on a 20" rim????

is it doable to get a 19" on an acually 20" not a 19" trials rim.
so the tyre is 19" and the wheel is 20"!!

dude, think about it, fitting something something onto anothr thing that is even smaller !!

u cant put a 19" tyre on a 20" rim, its just dumb…

wanna bet he can ? Im sure you could… just would have to stretch so hard… and you’d need a tire with rlly thin side walls… worth a try men…

Has anybody EVER tried this? Why not?

Don’t try it.

not possible.

think about it… if u did even manage to fit it on, so many problems would arise from having a too small tyre on a bigger rim, things like major folding and all kinds of things would go wrong, otherwise they would have stock uni’s with undersized tyres on rims !!

i guess tubes are a different story, as I’ve been reading that :thinking: 29" tubes are routinely used on 36" coker rims!

wont work.

You could probably cut the sidewalls down…

How would you do that?! You can’t cut the bead off and still have the tire stay in the rim.

lol, i just took an old 20inch bike rim, and a 19inch tire that my sister took off her bike cause it was getting to worn out and went at it, but then i started to shoot it at my wall like a giant rubber band, pretty fun until it snapped me in the face :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, he didn’t ask to have it stay on the rim! Just if it was possible to get it on the rim!