19" Kris Holm

regretful sale, im joining the army and dont have time to practice and cant risk being injured, i bought this uni off http://www.municycle.com.au/ i personally went and visited them in the factory and bought it, the pictures on the site of the white uni is the actual one i have, the only damage is on the seat from dropping it whilst practicing other wise this uni is in immaculate condition and is worth every cent. will not disappoint.

asking $550 (its still like new) will take offers.
any further enquiries email me at “dr.njkent@gmail.com

if you’re interested please email me your offers.

price is flexible.

bump. $450

seriously an amazing uni, pm me or email me if you have any questions.

Hi There. Im a little interested, it is tempting. The moment cranks are 137mm, correct? Is the seat a fat freeride saddle or is it a slim street saddle?

hey mate, its a Kris Holm Fusion Street saddle and the cranks are 110mm.

If it had 125mm moments or a long neck frame I would buy it now aha :slight_smile: 110s are not what Im after but i will still think about it.

Sorry mate but I got a new wheel set elsewhere now which is what I mainly needed.

Bump $400 last offer.


Where about are you located suburb/state.

im in Victoria, melbourne.

hi Yodazero. Did you end up selling this? Let me know if still on the market.


its still up for sale.

Hey I know this is an old thread but is it still for sale? I really want to buy it