185 mm cranks for '06 KH/Onza hub


I have a customer who’s looking for 185mm cranks for the '06 KH/Onza hub. I know there’s a couple of bike brands out there that have cranks that match this 36 spline pattern, but I’ve forgotten who they are. The customer needs to get them in North America.

Any help would be appreciated!



My friend loose has DDG driver cranks on his KH/Onza hub, I’m afraid I don’t have any more info and they’re 170s but maybe they do other cranks with the same spline interface.

Hi Kris,

the Brave Killah crankset came to my mind. Not sure if they really match though (never tried it myself), but they are looking alike. Just have a look and decide yourself click here

[EDIT] I know you can get the cranks in 175mm not sure about 185mm.

Thanks. Hey, does anybody remember what kind of cranks Zack Baldwin rode on? I think he used a different brand of cranks on the KH/Onza hub.


I want to say he rode Haro’s, but don’t quote me. (He mainly used Profiles though, right?)

I believe he used Haro Sub-C cranks on the 2003/2004 hub. (which I also use)

link to his “summit for sale” thread

Now THIS is costumer service.
I won’t see Yoggi do this.

Peter M

No kidding eh.

Kris is just amazing.


Peter M

Yoggi wouldn’t have to, he wouldnt have forgotten the answer.

sorry i just had to post that :stuck_out_tongue: .

but that really is amazing customer service by Kris, no wonder his uni gear is so great and well loved.

I demand a death match between Yoggi and Kris, surrounded by their worshippers!!! :smiley:

P.S. Thanks Kris for the great stuff you put out.


Thanks for all the friendly comments! In this case it’s a bit frustrating because I’m pretty sure the customer will discover that 185’s are way too long for a muni, but he seems pretty determined to find them.


Hah yeah he might aswell just be doing trials on a big wheel.

Not so, I’m riding muni with 190mm Profiles on your 29er rim and really enjoying it. 'Course, I’m old and don’t do all those crazy things the kids do, but the equipment could. Also, it’s about the same crank/diameter ratio as a 26 w/ 175s.

Interesting- good reason not to be too judgemental when someone makes a request that doesn’t seem to make sense at first.


does he live in a valley?

i am not sure kris is allowed to release that information about clients.

I used to run 180 MM cranks on the old DM ATU, not casue i wanted too… however i really liked the control they gave you… just took too much of the flow away… but yeah i mean you could go down the steepest hill ever… sucks i broke them in half… stupid 7 and half foot drop. However they did force me to learn to be really techincal with hops and rolling hops and correction hops well riding. Becasue i couldn’t really ever get enough flow to just flow over things i either needed to hop them gap over them or slow down to hit them and then torque it over them. Helpful in the long run… happy to be riding 150’s and 160 MM now mind you!