180s and 360s - Video Tutorial by Hippo Unicycles

Hi All!

It has been a long time since I’ve been on the forum, it’s great to be here. :smiley:

I have new video tutorial for you and I hope you can learn a thing or two from it. Let us know if you find it helpful or if you have any tips of your own.


Very well done.I’ve been able to do 180s for a long time but have never really worked at 360s. Now I’m pumped to go try it out with your tips. Thanks for the tutorial.

That’s a good one.
180 hoptwists are the limit of my ambitions and you have done a great job explaining why I havent been able to do them…


I’m very glad to hear you guys have benefited from the video. Have fun!

My understanding from watching the video is that the forward momentum is converted into the compression in the tire. The video showed you leaning back and pushing the tire into the ground, prior to the hop. I assume this is why you advised to ride at a moderate speed prior to hopping. I will attempt to practice the hop with this technique.

Also, it looks like your twists turn in the direction of the hand on the seat, so, for example, having the right hand on the seat means you turn clockwise (when viewed from above). And when you turned clockwise, your right foot was also in the front pedal position. I am curious if this is standard technique among most unicyclists, or if there is variation.