180 to 360 crank flip help

I have been practicing crank flips for about 4 days now and I havent made much progress since the 2nd day. I cant seem to get the wheel to spin all the way around. Now I am really consistant at 180 flips but i cant spin it the rest of the way.
Does anyone have any suggestions on going from 180s to 360s? I filmed a few of my 180 crank flips they are here: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album574 Not all of the ones in the movie go a full 180 but i think most of them do.

I can’t actually do a crankflip, so I don’t know how much my advice is worth, but… it looks like you’re just jumping off the unicycle, and the unicycle continues to roll along the ground without really coming off the ground itself, and after it rolls half a revolution you land back on the pedals. I think you should try hopping higher, so you get the entire unicycle off the ground, and I’m thinking it will most likely spin faster making it much easier for it to go 360.

it looks like a rolling no footer, try to do it in one spot(Ive never even tried one;) ) Good luck

nice previa yo i own two but there my parents :stuck_out_tongue:

From what I understand, a crankflip invovles the cranks moving backwards. You’re just doing a rolling no-footer.

I thought they just had to flip, i didnt think it mattered which way they flipped.

it doesn’t matter which way, I’ve seen it done both. but you do need to come off the ground more, so the wheel isn’t just rolling along the ground.

Hello. Crankflips can go either way. Different riders prefer diffent methods. In order to actually do a full crankflip, you’re going to need to kick the pedal down with your foot before it comes off. Thats the only way you’re going to get the cranks to rotate a ful 360 in the little time you have in the air. I would suggest trying to hop higher for them too. Good luck, Kevin

Yes, It looks like your doing rolling no footers, i can do them but hardly, i think you really need to kick it more, just give the pedal a tap right before you take your feet off.

I haven’t seen those in awhile. I’m going to try and learn them today. :slight_smile:


Yes crankflips go either way. Pressure flips are when they rolling full rev on the groud. Harder than normal crankflips. Doing them staticly are harder, so i would suggest going kinda slowly. Then pop up kick and let them go around. Easy trick if you get the guts to stick over the unicycle. That’s the scary part. Try learning flipplants forward first (crankflip footplants) to get the idea of what your foot needs to do to kick, then plant. Same style except jump vertically instead. Yeah, that’s it, ha, laters. Shaun

Ok, so yesterday I practiced crankflip footplants and i think i have them down. They really helped getting me used to the kicking part of the crankflip. I filmed some and they are in here http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album574 and its the one that says crankflip footplant. I think i did it right but Evan told me i didnt so if thats not right, how are you supposed to do them?
Oh ya, in the clip I also put in a trick that i just made up, its not flowy at all and its looks sort of dorky but its fun:D

dude thats awesome, how old are you?
the stuff your doing is great:D, for your age your awesome.


Thanks, Im 14, i look alot younger:D

your 14!

haha sorry, not to be rude but you look SO much younger

Yeah thats a footplant crankflip. Not sure what Evan’s talking about, I think he just likes to talk. You should throw in a shifty or 180 uni-spin in the middle it looks close to it the shifty at least. It’s pretty sweet. You 180 one is good to. I’ve been working on them lately and I’m getting pretty close. Focus on your flipping foot getting back to the pedal, thats the only thing thats holding me back. It either goes directly to the ground and comes staright back in a weird footplant thing or hangs dead on the side till I wipe. Just keep working at it I think the guys who got it worked for a while and I’ve done maybe a month of not very serious maybe 2 or 3 times a week, only cause my uni isn’t functioning right.

Good luck. Man do you ever look young haha.