180 full rev spin

Yeah, thats it, i cant do a 360 crankspin though.

I think it was originally about a 180 hop twist with a full rev (pedal). I think evan is talking about 180 flipping. Both are old news.


180 flipping old news. lol. I didn’t think so. oh well. 180 full pedal. um, yeah. Pull the seat up when you’re in the air pedal, forcing you to bend your knees, this assists a lot in the full pedal. That’s all I guess I can say. If someone busts it down more than a 2 set (lol, I learned 180 flips right after the 2 set, haven’t 180 rotated lately) tell me. That’d be cool. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

Shaun and mike,

No, Not flips, Crankspins AKA Revs.

why don’t you save us all some time by calling it what everyone else calls it?

EDIT: and while we’re at it a 360 crankflip is not getting the cranks around the whole way, that is just a crankflip.a 360 crankflip is spinning 360 while you flip.

yes, old news, brain lundgren has been doing those since last December. i’ve seen someone 180 rev a 5 set