180 full rev spin

Anyone else dose that ? you pop a 180 then full rev spin ? and if so Im having such a hard time on my landing because you land backwards and your wheel is going frontwards any ideas ?

I would call it a 180 rotator. Yeah im getting there close to landing it…You might try it at a slower speed that way your momentum won’t throw you off…


thanks :smiley:

Was that any help whatsoever?


juggle508 are you a guy or a girl… cuase know guys named kelly and girls named kelly and it been nagging at me for some time



For some reason I think he/she is a guy, and if he/she is a girl, I shall be suprised!

LOL…im a guy.

kelly hickman - unicycle.jpg

yep definetly a girl

And y shall you say that?


The trick to this is to push your forward pedal as you take off the ground, this builds scary amounts of friction and some times will get you to spin 360.

I landed like 1 hr ago I think Im workin to do it out of rails now…

I’ve tried that trick a few time. Never stuck with it long enough though. Maybe tomorow Ill try it.

I’ve done backwards half rev 180’s. Dont know an easier way to say that.

did that make sense to anyone else?

just say yeah


K, im talking aobut hoping off the ground, and pivoting 180º while also spinging the cranks.

Thats what this WHOLE thread is about. sleepy evan?:wink:

not really, my post should make sence then.

I am SO LOST!! I have no idea what the trick is you guys are talking about, its either a unispin crankflip, or a unispin body varial,i can do one but not hte other…so what are you guys talking about???

EDIT: Never mind, i thought yall were talking about unispin tricks, i get what this one is now, sounds pretty easy…

Its a 180 Hoptwist with a 360 Crankspin… I think… :thinking: .