175mm Cranks on a Trials?

I have been riding trials for a while now and am thinking of upgrading to some better cranks. I was wondering if anyone has tried 175mm cranks on a 19inch wheel. Is it annoying or is it nice? Here is the cranks that I am going to get:


Been there, done that, pedal struck.

150s are OK but still pretty long.

What unicycle are you planning on putting those cranks on? old KH 8-spline? I am not sure if the splines would be the same or not, that is something you should check if you still want to do this.

I tried for fun…and it’s a lot too long! and i dont think it would fit on a unicycle hub exept maybe if you have KH 2004 hub. What kind of unicycle do you have?

Bad, my 150’s were nice, but long. Got fine speed for sets and everything, over all not bad, and for pure trials I wouldn’t hesitate putting them on a wheel. Qu-ax 145’s are better.

Are those cranks ISIS?

Eight spline.

So trying ot fit them onto a Qu-ax hub? Cause not all 8 splines are the same.

Or is qu-ax 10 spline?

You mean the cranks I was talking about? I ride the qu-ax isis cranks.

I thought you meant his cranks, well the dcomp ones.

I have the old KH hub that is eight-spline. I have 150mm cranks on there now but I am wanting some more color to my uni, but unfortunately most eight-spline cranks are either black/chrome or >175mm.

Your going to hate the, and they are going to be heavy.

Here is an idea, get a use kh/ koxx hub some cranks and paint them.