170/190 MUni

It was bound to happen. Finally bent the cranks (the 170 b*cycle cranks; not the standard Sem 150s) trying to hop down a large drop on the trails (it’s beautifully rocky on the local trails). The left crank was only slightly bent, but the axle tapers were also mushroomed. After limping back on cranks that were not exactly 180 degrees from each other (and the left one was loose) I lock-tited and re-tightened the lefty (I just had to put in another 45 minute loop, since there was about 47 minutes of daylight left).
On the second loop, I discovered two things:
(1) 170/190 pedaling doesn’t take too long to get used to.
(2) Red lock-tite doesn’t help as a trail fix. It takes too long to harden. Luckily, I put the crank tool in my camelbak just in case. After the first three uses, I just kept it in my hand, since the crank loosened up every couple of minutes.
Fortunately, (if UPS does their job) the next ride will be on a bouncy Gazz 3.0 24" Yuni with high quality 170s. The Sem 26 will revert to the standard 150s for smoother/faster trails, or newbies that want to give it a try.

A GAZZ 24x3 WILL NOT fit in a Yuni 24’ frame!
Ive personally tried it. Rubs top.
Tell me if it works for you.


what are you talking about, a gazz 3.0 will fit in a yuni frame perfectly fine. are you thinking of a sem xlw? those dont fit. but in the yuni theres a half centimeter on either side.


When ordering a 24" Yuni with a 3.0 Gazz upgrade, Uni.com actually builds it with a 26" frame, so I assume there is a clearance problem with the 24. I don’t know if a 26" frame will accept a 26 x 3.0 Gazz, but I doubt it. I decided to step down to the 24 Yuni for the lower gearing (right knee has little life left; is there a 22 Gazz?), the Gazz 3.0 adaptability, and the Miyata seat (with ready made airseat conversion, which is apparently more comfy than the Velo). After my next knee surgery, maybe I’ll be able to handle a 36" Coker MUni :wink: aka - instant taco.