165mm cranks worth buying?

I am now using the 150mm Moments that came with my KH24 2008.

I was just wondering if the 165 cranks would be worth buying. Most of all I want to reduce speed and or keep control on steep downhills more easily than now. Is there a huge difference between the two crank lenghts?

There is a huge difference between the two. If you want to reduce your downhill speed and gain more control on downhills it may be just the ticket. I am assuming that you don’t have a brake, and that you don’t want one. A brake would also give you more control on downhills. In my case the brake also means I’m less likely to skid my tire by over correcting on steep sections.

I have to admit it’s been a long time since I used the 165’s. I remember feeling like they were really long, and when I switched to 150’s it felt much more natural. Maybe I’ll give them a try again just for kicks. Who knows I might really like them now that I’m a much better rider than I was.

I have tried a brake the last two days and yes, I recognized the gain in control. The downside of that was, that I was more “afraid” of steep sections when I tried to ride them down without brake usage (after two days already!!). So I decided to not use it anymore (besides that I like to keep my uni as simple as possible :wink: )

You could try dual hole 165/137’s. I remember a post by KH awhile back where he was remarking about 137’s for Muni. The dual hole cranks would give you the option of a shorter faster crank with more fluidity, and a longer slower crank with more torque. Of course there is a stated limit to how much abuse the dual hole cranks are supposed to take; so, if you are an extreme rider the single hole option is probably better.

Thanks a lot for that link. The thread was very interesting to read, especially the last posts.

I went back and re-read the last few posts and I can see why they were maybe the most helpful. I’m curious about what you think you will do after reading that thread.

As said before I don’t want to use the brake, so I have just ordered 165 moments. Im curious how those will work with my technical problems when dropping. I tend to overstretch the ankle joint of my back foot to the front (is this understandable? :smiley: ) so I hope it’s not much of a problem when the foot is another 1,5cm back. I will try, learn and hopefully not fail :sunglasses:

I rode 150’s on my 24" muni for about six months after coming down from 165’s. I made the switch because I felt like I couldn’t learn a proper spin rate on the longer cranks (I started muni last Fall). Then I got some 160’s (K1) which I ran on my 26", those really were a nice match. So then I moved the 160’s to the 24" and put 165’s on the 26". At first the 165’s were noticeabley long and akward, but after a couple months of riding muni they feel awesome. I think the 160’s work nice on my 24", so much so that I put a set on my son’s 24" :slight_smile:

I also recently started usingh my brake more, it takes some adjusting, might help if you rode in the rain so it would be less grabby and have some break in time. I don’t think a brake is a replacement for long cranks, but if you find that long cranks still don’t give you enough support/confidence for steeop downhills, the brake is your ticket!

If you wanna slow down better, get the brake, if you wanna climb better, get longer cranks.

Kris Holm wrote:

This is a good reason to run long cranks: they help you modulate steep terrain when the brake can’t, also help with learning to use a brake. Personally I can’t climb as well with shorter cranks, but maybe oncve I’m a better rider :wink:

I rode the 165’s today, and wow it was fun. I can’t believe how hard I’ve been working to climb, particularly over roots and rocks. Between dropping a few psi out of the tire, and the longer cranks it was much more relaxing on the climb.

The descent felt a little wobbly due to the longer travel of the cranks, but I adapted and had a blast. I did bang my knees on the frame a couple of times (didn’t hurt thanks to the 4x4’s), and I don’t remember ever doing that with the shorter cranks. I didn’t use my brake at all, but the practice I have had with it made me much more comfortable holding the handle which helped me keep my feet on the pedals.

I’m starting to think that I jumped the gun getting the 150’s. I’m going to keep the 165’s on for now, and who knows how long the 150’s will stay out of the trading post.

Cool, I wanted to post nearly the same yesterday but then forgot. I had my first ride with the 165s yesterday and it was soooo cool (uphill, downhill and cross). Everything felt so much easier though I had to get used to the increase in wheel wobble but after some time this wasn’t a problem at all anymore. The only problem I had (like posted before) was my ankle, it overstreched to the front again but this maybe could also be a result of the fact that it hasn’t healed completely since last week when that happened last or bad technique.

Today I took part in an Uni downhill race and what should I say about the 165s. For sure they are nothing you want to use in a race (except it is very very steep and you have no break) if you want to win. Even some on 20" wheels overtook me :smiley: … but control was still very good :wink:

I rode a pretty steep trail yesterday, one that has kicked my but on the 150’s. I did much better than I had ever done previously. I had a couple of spectacular UPD’s from hitting my pedal or shoe on rocks next to the trail. I never had that happen with my shorter cranks. I did start to adapt by either steering clear of the rocks or timing it a little better so that the rock wasn’t near the bottom of my stroke.

It will be a little practice to learn how to ride these cranks, but I’m up for it.

My experience has been the opposite. I was running with 170mm cranks on my Qu-Ax Cross MUni. After bending a few sets of cranks I decided to rather go with Moments and got some 125/150mm cranks. It took me a couple of rides to get used to the extra torque required on the ascents and descents. I much prefer the 150’s. I find I have much better control or rather can react/feel better with the shorter cranks. I also don’t have as many pedal clips as I used to. I don’t think I can go back to using longer cranks again.

I have just ordered some 137 Moments and a spooner so that I don’t have to rely on others opinions. Another reason for purchasing the shorter cranks is, that I think that due to less wheel wobble and the chance to spin faster very slippery terrain can be passed more easily on downhills where braking by pushing back is impossible (maybe I am wrong with this). In addition to that I have some things in mind which I want to try and all of them require some speed.

I will post my first experiences here when I tried the 137s.

Will look forward to hearing your opinion of the shorter cranks, Did you mean you ordered a brake as well.

I have the brake already at home but didn’t want to use it. With 137s I will have to…

This thread has made me want to try out different crank lenghts more:)

after reading the thread im keen to try some different cranks always wanted to try 165 s to see if it improves my climbing,and if i can go down some steeper stuff without shitting it so much ,think im going to try the twin hole cranks

The more the merrier :smiley:

Don’t forget to post your experiences in this thread :wink: