16" wheels for trials?

Is the only reason people don’t use 16" wheels for trials that they’re not available with strong rims and fat tyres?

I know that unless I could be convinced otherwise, I’d definately choose a strong 16" uni over a 20" for trials. It’d be considerably lighter, and I would’ve thought it’d be better for technical stuff. I know it’s a long shot, but are there any good rims and tyres for a 16" trials uni? I guess it’d be a 15" rim or someting like that. Would 127mm (I’m thinking QU-AX) cranks be too long if used specifically for trials?


i think that would be consitered cheating =) just pound an axle though a wheel barrow hub and you got your trials 16" right there.

my wheel barrow has like a 4" w-i-d-e tyre,its ready made!

A 16" with Qu-ax 127mm cranks is indeed an interesting prospect!I think there is an Alex DM24 in 16" size. Max Dingemans will know, as his Dad has built some custom 16 inchers.

The Maxxis Hookworm is one of the better 16" tyres. I’ve not seen a good knobbly though…

Have a look at http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=471

This is the new Nimbus 16", it comes with a double wall eyeletted rim with a large tyre on it as standard. :slight_smile:


i’ve been thinking about this for a while now and my fdirst idea was to weld two crummy(from the scrap heap)(lack of money) 16" rims together and run two standard 16" tyres side by side. lace the spokes onto one 36 hole(48 if possible) suzue hub. then make a frame to fit (already made some 20" trials and freestyle frames). i might do this after i’ve payed for my new 20" trials:D .

another idea was to get a 16" motocross rim and v wide tyre, lace this to a suzue and away we go;) . only problem is this will be v heavy but it will be v cool.


Im amazed, after an extremely short research attempt, the Alex DM24 does come in 16", but only 16 hole. I think the ryhnolite comes in 16" 36º, and thus would be a better option. but again, the hookworm would be the best tire I have seen for 16’s.

Why not simply use the 36hole rim and 2.5 inch tyre from the monty 16inch wheel trials bike


Im sure you mean a 19" trials bike tire?


I mean the 16 inch Kids trials primer bicycle. NOT the normal 19inch monty.

I’m not sure if they still do the complete bike but it’s in the 97-99 catalogues IIRC.

Have found a photo of the little-tyred vertion from 99


Thanks guys, this is all good news. It looks like that Monty 16" tyre is actually a 16" x 1.95". That’s it…I’m getting a 16" trials uni!

Peter or Tony,
Would it be possible for you guys to sell a 16" rim and tyre separately?


I may be mistaken, but does Adam Ryznar ride a 16" Schwinn in UNiVERsE? It’s either that or he has really big feet.

The more standard 20" (well actually 19") Monty tire would be a better choice. You will get much better bounce from the fatter tire and the fatter tire will also absorb drops better. Fatter is better all around for trials stuff. The lighter weight of the 16" wheel will not make up for the lack of bounce in the skinnier tire.

A 16" trials uni would be a fun toy if you already have a 20" Monty trials uni, but it wouldn’t make a good primary trials uni. I’d consider a 16" trials uni a novelty item.

I was only being half-serious. If there was one available with a strong 15" rim and a nice big 2.5" tyre with good grip, I might get one instead of a 20" trials uni. I’m actually currently saving up for a 20" trials uni. Hopefully I’ll have it before UniNats. Eventually I’ll get a 16".


how much does it cost to sent a 19 pound box to aussie land? thats what my $249 dollar Summit uni weighied.

according to the shipping calculator at unicycle.com, the summit would double in price based on shipping to australia.

Sorry, because I’m sure this has already been mentioned, but why are you selling it? I’m actually saving for a GP trials uni. It’ll be much cheaper for me that way.


I dont think he is yet. Although I wouldnt be suprised if that changed sometime soon.

LOL, im not selling mine. i didnt think you would read it that way but i see why you might.even i usally wait 2 full weeks to sell not just 4 days.

i was plugging the Summit because its so cheap for what you get,i had no idea it was double to ship though :frowning:

Yeh, don’t mind me, I’m just a little slow. But it’s hard on the internet where all you see is words and these things… :slight_smile: