15mm of differance (my new 160's)

i got my Profile 160mm cranks from UPS last night.i oggled at them for a bit then whipped out my never before used Evercraft bearing puller to get the 145’s off.

boy that was easy.up untill now i had been getting Profile cranks of with shear will and sware words.i recommend that tool to everyone.

after slathering everything with anti-seaze i went for another “new parts” ride to the pub. (at 11pm)

i could feel the differance right off,much more slow speed control but a little loss in average speed.

the biggest benefit was hopping,after riding 145’s for so long i forgot how much more precise you have to be when your hopping from spot to spot.the 160’s offer more room for error and a little more muscle use in said hop.

i like haveing two sets of cranks but i dont know if i’ll ever swap back N forth like planned since it isnt a small job.so now i have some collecters item “hole less” 145’s sitting the closet,and yes my new 160’s have a hole in them.i told uni.com to not grind it down this time.

it seems that anyone who has a set of Profiles without the spider hole has a collectors item on their hands because Profile just wont take any requests to not have it there for us unicyclists.whoever worked at Profile last year and didnt put holes in must not work there anymore because when i called them,they acted like i was insane for tell them that i had a right side crank arm that didnt have a threaded hole in it! there responce was “ARE YOU SURE ITS A REAL PROFILE PRODUCT” they never belived me…


Good to hear! When I read the title of this thread I thought you were saying that one is 15mm longer than the other.

What’s wrong with the hole? Do you just not like the look of it? It does make it easy to tell which is which when they’re off the uni. :slight_smile:

Did it cost you any more to have a custom length done?


i just think the hole is lame on a unicycle,it doesnt need to be there and yes,i think its kinda ugly (especially the ground down ones)

no it didnt cost any extra for the custom lenth.theres accually 2 more pairs of 160’s in stock right now if anyone cares to know. (one black,one chrome)

The Profile cranks on my Trials uni don’t have the hole in the right crank. The Profile cranks on my muni have the hole.

My complaint with the hole is that it allows water to get in and could allow the inside of the crank to get rusty.

I’m getting in on AccordNSX’s Profile deal. I’m going to build up an urban wheel using either a Fireball or a Hoggy-G. I’m getting both 160 and 170 cranks for that wheel. I’ll probably settle on the 160’s for the urban wheel. 160’s do make it easier to pedal faster and should make the wheel more fun for pavement riding. I’m also eager to try the 160’s on my muni wheel to see how well the shorter cranks do for me on my usual trails. I experimented with 160’s on my Pashley muni but haven’t tried 160’s since.

from my understanding,the first run of 145mm cranks about a year ago came to uni.com with no hole.then at some point they started coming in with the hole.

145’s where made for unicyclists so whoever made the first run of cranks figured that a hole wasnt nessisary and in my mind it must be a time saver,after all 1 less hole to drill,1 less weld.

BUT,since that first run of 145’s they have been coming in with the hole…WHY? who knows,but after my conversation with Profile and there apparant forgetfullness of ever making them without the hole at all,im just glad they are making them period…

Luckily my crank doesn’t hit the frame when the bolt’s in there.

I did mine with Frame Saver though I haven’t checked to see if that has had any effect.

this year profile started selling 145mm cranks for flatland bmx riders, last year they were probably making them just for unicyclists.

Would you mind cutting the crank in half to see if it’s rusted inside? :slight_smile:

thats exactly what i was thinking. Profile pumps out a few sets of 145’s for us uni people,then it dawns on them that if they left the hole in they could offer 145mm to bikers.

So now instead of 155mm being the smallest bike crank they sell its 145mm. smart buisness by them i guess but it still befuddles me why it is such a pain in the ass to not have it there if the customer doesnt want it.

i was told to wait eight to nine weeks for a custom no-hole crank but when i said yes to that,they changed there mind and said “we just cant do that” Thats when i told them about my 145’s that didnt have a hole and got the “are you sure its a real Profile product” responce.

I would but the hacksaw is missing… :frowning:

Re: 15mm of differance (my new 160’s)

>Would you mind cutting the crank in half to see if it’s rusted inside?
>> :slight_smile: *

John, when I broke my crank at Moab it was totally rusted inside. That might
have been a contribution to it’s breakage.