150mm/155mm/160mm ISIS cranks

So, I’ve been in a conversation on Facebook with (amongst others) Jakob Flansberry, Finn Harwege and Edd Hawkes regarding crank length on a 19" trial uni and I ended up testing my 19" uni with 159mm M41 cranks. I would love to test it out some more, but I don’t really want to wreck these cranks coming from my brand new 24" M41 Muni for this test.
Therefore I’m looking for a solid (single hole) crank set of somewhere between 150mm & 160mm with ISIS mount. They can be new or 2nd handed, as long as they are reliable and not too expensive :wink:

So far the only fitting candidate that I’ve found is the Nimbus VCX at 150mm, but the german shop doesn’t have it in stock.

Are there any other brands / models which I could look for?


I have Nimbus 165mm
I’m quite sure to have KH Moment 150mm

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I have two pairs of Nimbus Venture Cranks 150 mm lying around.
PM me for fotos if you are interested. I am from Germany.

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For experimentation purposes I’d suggest looking into ISIS BMX cranks if you don’t mind having a spider on there. You can find them pretty cheap since I think ISIS went out of style on bikes. 155 is a great size that is hard/impossible to find in a unicycle specific crank.

Just an example:

165mm might be too much, but 150mm would be great I guess.

PM sent :slight_smile:

That might not be a bad idea, but I would take off the spider with a grinder anyway, since it’s a perfect thing to grab shoe laces or pants during the ride :wink:

The Sinz are very affordable and lightweight but they are not the strongest for hard hits so they may not qualify for a trial uni.

The KH Moment will be indestructible. However, as trial unis are usually equipped in the 149/145mm range, I guess that any longer crank will do if it is just for the novelty of it :wink:

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