14mm axle nut

Does anyone know of a cheap source for a 14mm axle nut?

I bought a wheel yesterday for really cheap, its a pretty good wheel but it had no end nuts on the axle so I can’t attach my plates to it yet.

I would love to get riding it asap but the only place I know to get them sells them for 6 bucks each. I have looked around at hardware stores, fastener stores and the like and they don’t even sell nuts that size with that small a thread count.

Danscomp has these. They look pretty small but would hold the plates on.

Your LBS should have some. When I needed a 9mm one, I looked at every hardware store, and none of them had it. I went to the bike shop, and they sold me a couple for like 40 cents each (USD).

As said, an older, well stocked LBS should have flanged 14mm axle nuts (they’re not really 14mm nuts, it’s a 14mm socket that fits them. They are becoming so rare that they will sometimes give them away if they have them.

they should fit a 19mm socket on a 14mm axel, and any half way stocked bike shop should have some.