Has anyone ever tried this crank length change? I think that my 145’s are too long but i dont want 125, they are too short. I want a mix of speed and stability for a short trials rider. I am just affraid to buy these, and then i wont feel enough of a change.


I know loads of people use 137s…they’re stock on the KH 20" now.

You’ll feel a difference, but a small one, and not for long (your legs will adjust very quickly).

137s are realy nice. I have them on my KH20 they are long enough that you get good controll when doing trials but short enough that I can get enough speed to jump sets and they also flip realy easy.

thanks alot… one more thing…
my uni is a qu-ax trials, with yellow hub, but itrs not the new one, and i heard that it was not compatable with KH moments b/c its not ISIS. is this true? and if it is, what other company make a quality 137mm that will fit my hub? or should i get a whole new hub and wheel(i dont want to spend that much).

Thanks again

If it’s not the new yellow ISIS hub then there is no 137mm crank out there for you. If you are really dead set on getting 137mm cranks then you will have to upgrade the hub to ISIS, if you get the Qu-ax ISIS hub you will be able to reuse the same rim however if you were to go with any other ISIS uni hub you would need to get a 36 hole rim. Personally, I don’t think the 12mm difference is worth all the time and money.

valuable info… thanks

I am in the process of doing the same thing to my old qu ax. I bought a moment hub and 137mm cranks but the hub doesn’t seem to work to well on my frame because the flanges are so far apart, and they almost touch the sides of my frame. I am trying to find somewhere that sells qu ax ISIS hubs so that I can get that hub instead and still use the moment cranks.

You probably shouldn’t get the moment hub because you will run into the same problem as me and you will also need a new rim.

thats good too know… you must have gotten a new rim too right… in order to switch from 48 spoke to 36 spoke.

Why go to down to 137 anyway? I think the 145’s are perfect for trials and wouldn’t go any lower. You don’t need speed for trials.

And the difference in speed from 145 to 137 would hardly be noticable at all.

im in the USA but for UK here is a place that has them. i think this is what we’re looking for.

Edit: i think this is the red hub though :frowning:

Going back and forth from Profiles and KH moments, I only feel the difference going up to the 145s, specially if the seat is somewhat low. But going from 145 to 137s feel really nice and fluid.

No, I didn’t buy a new rim because I wasn’t sure which one to get and I wasn’t sure if the hub would fit either.

I think you are right. It says it’s for the Crossfire trials, which has the red hub.

Well you could go lower then 137 but like what Chexjc said, it really isn’t necessary. Unless you want to do a mix of trials and street??

i would like to start doing a bit of street but i think ill just stay with my 145’s for now. if i upgrade mu hub/crankset later on i’ll go 137 then, since the general consensis is that its not worth the $$ just to change now.

all you guys saying that 145mm is too long, just remember that most of the crazy stuff in defect was on profiles.

I like the way you think my friend. Good luck with it all though. :smiley:

1) Well i wouldn’t say it’s too long seeming as you would have better control of the unicycle and whatnot. But sometimes your mind thinks “what if i got shorter cranks”. But it’s whatever you make of it though if that makes sense. :smiley:
2) I wouldn’t know considering i don’t have DEFECT. :frowning:

i dont hate them, its just that im very short and would like a bit of a speed booster… but im going to wait anyway.

If you really want to go faster you could get these 127mm cranks that fit the qu-ax yellow splined hub.


thanks you for that link… i’d never seen 127’s for that hub, :roll_eyes: but i’m not sure if i want that short :roll_eyes: and overseas shipping would kill my $$$.:frowning: