141cm sidehop - Mike Taylor


oooohhhh man this is big!

I can’t believe my eyes!!! :astonished: that was sick!

Insanely big hop!

That’s huge, and it looked so clean and easy! You are amazing :smiley:

really high, congrats

That looked effortless.

Boom, so good man

Sick. Great hop.

BIG! push the 150’s, make the impossible, possible. :slight_smile:

i remember back when everyone thought 7spins and 120cm was the impossible.Those were the days :sunglasses:

:stuck_out_tongue: They still are haha

The good ol’ days…

i like the vid but your tire is only partly on the pallet. pause at 34 and youll see what i mean. also you kinda roll on after you get up. but still such a great vid man :smiley: and sick tuck its like no one else’s

Wow, I just noticed that!

That’s insane!

it is but its also kinda of an easier way to get high up :confused:

if its easier then why don’t you do it? im pretty sure it wasnt deliberate

and yeah 7spins and 120 is still pretty crazy i guess

Well he still sidehopped and got on 141… he’s hardly made it easier for himself.

If he grabbed it, that would be cheating :wink: But rolling onto the pallet is nothing!

haha why dont i do it? because first of all i cant and second of all i dont want to. it just if you look at joes recent vid of 138 he gets his tire on fully and it looks nicer instead of getting the middle part of your tire on the top pallet and rolling on imo. look i think it looks nice but i think it would be better if the bottom of his tire was on. but thats just me. :o

That’s why official records are all done over bars etc.