12ft adjustable height dual chain driven giraffe unicycle *CUSTOM*

Sad to see this thing go, but alas it only gets ridden about once or twice a year now. CURRENTLY SET UP AT 9FT

This unicycle was purchased in 2007 and has had 3 owners including myself. The unicycle was originally built for $6,000.00 and was a performance stage unicycle. The unicycle seat height is adjustable in 3ft increments. It can be set up to be ridden at 12’, 9’, or 6’. It was primarily ridden at 9’. Each additional section has a foot peg to assist in the climbing of the unicycle.

The only logo on the unicycle is “B” which was the logo of the manufacturer. This is a professional high quality stage unicycle. A few minor alterations have been made.

New cranks were added two years ago that have different gearing ratios. Meaning, you can adjust the gearing yourself. It has only been ridden about 10 times since the cranks were added. The gearing ratio is easily adjustable. This is done by adding or removing chain links and switching which sprocket the chain rides on.

This unicycle comes with 6 chains. Seeing as it is dual chain driven, there is a set of chains for each height at which it is ridden. The reason it is dual chain driven, is to help balance the torque applied by the chain on the unicycle. This gives you superior precision when it comes to maneuvering. In addition, it makes a good failsafe incase one were to break. *Though this has never happened.

Sad to see it go. This unicycle was a crowd pleaser. After this unicycle was acquired, we were regularly paid to attend events and parades.

for more information, email me at eenwieler@live.com

Email me rather than posting or pming, as it will be a quicker response.

Looking to get $2,000.00

Located in Iowa, can work out shipping or delivery arrangements.

Also have a basic trials unicycle for sale. $100.00 05 K holm hub, Nimbus Frame. 19" Wheel.

Feel free to make an offer as well. I’m kinda strapped for cash at the moment.

I sent you a pm and an email about the trials uni.

I’ll contact you back tomorrow.

No message :thinking: I really am interested in it.


Trials unicycle is sold.

Also have for sale a Nimbus 36er with handbrake and handlebars! Make an offer!

Price drop. $1750.00 obo

Price drop $1500.00

what year is the nimbus36 you have for sale? is it the oracle?

Is the giraffe sold yet?

We have several budding riders down here, that ride a 5’ one.

thank you


Is the Nimbus 36er an Impulse? a Titan? other? pictures?

The giraffe is still available. We started riding the giraffe when we were 14 years old. You can definitely tell a large difference when you are riding a high quality giraffe vs a low quality giraffe.

The nimbus is a 36 Night Rider with blue frame. I can get some pictures of that as well. It has a hand brake and handles as well.

Very similar to this one below


Nimbus 36er

I just picked up the Nimbus 36er yesterday and got in home to South Dakota. It is a ton of fun! Mounting was slightly different compared to a smaller wheel; got it after 2 tries. This thing hauls, as anyone who has ever ridden one knows !!! Anyway, this 36er will surely displace my short-crank 28" as my long distance uni.

I checked out the giraffe, too. You know, if I was 30 years younger, I would be interested in riding it. It’s a long way down once you have a bunch of gray hair !! Anyone interested should contact the seller. It’s a great unicycle with excellent build quality. It is also lighter than you would think for a 9 foot giraffe. Good luck with your sale. I hope someone buys it quickly.

Thanks again, AJ.

Kelly O’