127/150 Moment Cranks

I’d like to try out a pair of 127/150 Cranks. If you have an extra pair, I’d like to buy them.

Hmm. I guess these are popular cranks…and that’s why I am getting no bites. Nobody wants to give them up. I am finding the 137/165s a bit long for my preference on my 29. I am actually finding that they are harder up most moderate hills because of the dead spot. I am not finding them fun to ride on…but some people seem to prefer them. I am a bit on the short side, so maybe that’s a factor.

spirits are 127/150
moments are 125/150
just saying:D

Ah, didn’t realize they were different sizes. I’d take Spirits, I am just hesitant to spend so much money on cranks…

I have the same exact issue as you! I find the 137/165s too long for my 29er and was looking to buy/trade for some 125/150s. Also couldn’t get any offers :frowning:

If you don’t need the 125mm hole, Compulsion Cycles has 150mm Moments for $55: http://www.compulsioncycles.com/ISIS_Cranks?product_id=219

The Spirit cranks are double the price but they are a significantly lighter, disc ready (IIRC you’re running an Oracle hub so this is moot), and just look really nice.

I have a pair of 127/150 Dual hole moment cranks. They were milled out by an engineer for an ideal weight savings/strength ratio.

$85 firm

Is there any strength issue with these?

I want the dual hole because I commute on it too.

No, an engineer mapped the stresses or something. He assured me there would be very little sacrifice in strength.

Sorry, a bit expensive for moment cranks.

No worries, I still use them but have an extra set of 137’s I could have switched to. Just trying to help :slight_smile:

Appreciate it!

interested in the 165/137

I might be willing to buy the 165/137’s depending on price if you decide to sell those.

+1 on the 137/165 (if you want to get rid of them).

I do not have 125/150 cranks to offer, but I have some parts including cranks for trade and with self-extracting bolts on the cranks it isn’t too far away :slight_smile:

sale in Canada

UDC Canada has 125/150’s on sale for $50. If you’re switching to those from 137/165’s, buy the new ones and sell your old ones to me:)

Not sure if you’re still looking for these but someone is selling 150s which they are willing to drill.

I got the 125/150s and love them. But I am going to keep the 137/165s for now.