120fps slow mo-doubleflip and 540 unispin

a clip from my riding today in slow mo–sorry for the crap editing but i need a plug infor it to work on sony vegas, so i had to throw it together on my phone :frowning:

the 540 could be way better but its the only one we got on camera today.

please rate and comment


thats amazing!
start publishing more tricks in slow-mo, they will help people who are learning quite a bit!

im still saving up for casio’s high-speed camera… it could be a while, given that i keep spending money on unicycles…
click here for camera specs

that looks pretty nice, but you could just get that phone for £100 lol
thanks for the complment

That was a pretty good phone camera!! and riding!! :wink: hoping to learn 540 too, and i’m getting closer.

keep working on it, it took me forever. i landed my first 2 months ago and then didnt do any fr those 2 months, ive only just got them back!

wow, which phone do 120 fps ?

Uww twohanded flips :wink:

Like the slomo!

lol im working on it 1 handed and im getting close! hopefully in my big easter vid!

its a LG viewty (KU990) you can get it for around £100 now, i would get one its really good!

Would it be possible for me to get the original clips of that?

im not sure i have the seperate clip but you can have the whole one…it would be easy to split up anyways

Either way works for me. I just dont want to download it from youtube and then have to convert it to a regular format. But id like to use 120fps in sue with twixtor to see what results I can come up with.

I like it.

I lol’ed when you almost ran into the patio table in slo-mo. :slight_smile:

i can either put it on vimeo and you can dowbload it from there or i can email it to you?

lol i always crash into that stupid table!

Nice slo-mo! I just recently started trying double flips and this should help a bit, though I’m already pretty close to landing them.