120 Miles in 1 Day for City of Hope (Video Diary)

I want to thank all the many people who donated to this worthy cause, and helped us to not only reach, but surpass our goal! I thank everyone for their ongoing support and good wishes! This ride was dedicated to my brother Gary, who has continued to kick Leukemia’s butt for the past three years since his BMT.

Just before starting my ride, I met with two TV news crews; ABC eyewitness news, and NBC 4 news, the latter of which was was shot live, for their morning show, and then another interview with ABC at mile 50! The segments aired throughout the day which helped push us well over the $1,000 donation target. It was also more positive exposure for our sport! :slight_smile:

This is my video diary of the ride, shot mostly while I was in the saddle. The ABC News segment is at the very end. Hope you enjoy!

Nice job, Terry. Always amazing to see you and others rack up so many miles in a single ride. I’m in running mode right now for a couple marathons, but your video inspired me to get the 36er out to the park today.

Terry, that’s an amazing ride, but its cause is twice as touching.
It’s very moving.

Well done!

Nice video, it was worth the time it took to watch it.

Thanks guys. I had a great time out there and I’m glad I picked a weekday! The bike path was so much less congested than during the weekend, so I was able to keep my speed higher. I was totally drained at the end and the next day I could barely move, but then yesterday I had recovered enough to get back out for a bit of xc MUni. Today my uni-student and I are mixing in tennis, golf, skimboarding and a bit of trials practice. :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your ride and the success of your fundraiser! You are an inspiration. Yesterday I managed to ride 25 miles (10 more than my previous max). I donated a $1 for each mile. Maybe other riders could consider that approach. Anyway I sure am glad you do what you do!

Very nice! I enjoyed the video and the inspiration. Thanks for putting this together and posting it.

Thanks again it was really an honor to have the opportunity to do this ride for such a great cause, and to have the networks highlight the charity aspect. :slight_smile:

Nice job Terry. I like to vicariously live through other people here when I have time and watch the videos and take in another POV. Nice camera work and thanks for taking the time and putting in the effort all while trying to ride 120 miles.

I feel guilty finding this so late, but it was a sweet perspective

Hope your brother stays healthy and in remission

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Thanks. My brother is doing very well and is an inspiration to me an all who know him. :slight_smile: