12 inch unicycle for $ale

my son has out grown this uni and now it can be yours.

i think $25 plus shipping is a good price, though i didnt really look into it.

uni stand not included

I’ll take it.

Never mind my PM Jagur, Bugman beat me to it.


i read scotts pop up pm first, told him it was his. then get back here to post SOLD in the thread and see that bug’s has offered too. what to do?

bugs, i’ll sell it to you if you vote for Kerry :smiley:

Uni-off! Winner takes all…including the losers soul!!!

Nah I’m sure they can work it out.

Bug’s post time was 2 minutes before my PM time so it’s his. He probably actually has a use for it, whereas I was just going to hang it from my rear view mirror.


so bugman? Pm me your address so i can figure out how much shipping it will be