12-14 year old riders - click this

Every one so far’s been 14 apart from Unisykolist.

Baby Seal Blood… :smiley:

Dec. 30
Mountain Unicycling/ Urban X-treme(Minor X-treme)
(Depends on what season)
spring: about 2 months total
summer: about 8 weeks total
autumn: about 2 weeks total
winter: about 10 hours total

Tricks I can do:
1.) Crankflip
2.) Grind
3.) Bunny Hop (I need lighter Cranks!!!)
4.) Ride with one leg(Is there a name for that?)

Raphael Poham will own you all.

lol I was just thinking the same thing:D

Name: Eli Brill
Age: well… I turn 14 tomorrow, so I’m still 13…
Time riding: About a year and 4 months
Time Practice per day: Uhh, Kinda embarrassing… Like 3-5 hours.:o:D
Riding Style: Flat

Some combos I can do::
Rolling wrap-backroll-rolling wrap-backroll
Rolling wrap-varial roll-outside roll
Leg around-wrapped inward backroll
double rolling wrap-inward backroll
rolling wrap-inward backroll-backroll
inward outside roll
pushmush-rolling wrap-backroll
rolling wrap-push mush-backroll-rolling wrap

Raphael Poham isn’t human.

I second that notion!

Dude, haha. That stuff is not lame.
That’s all pretty advanced.
Coasting 90 feet is nuts and seat drag is a level ten trick!

Dude, dude, dude… you aren’t bad at all. Just enjoy riding and improving.
You’ll be busting out pro moves before you know it.

For trick I am working on I would say— Longer combos, and consistency. lol. i need work at consistency:)

I’ll probably be the worst:D

Age: 14
Birthday: Feb 27
Style: Not really sure
Country: US
Practice: Winter-0 Not winter-1-2 hours

Super lame tricks:
180 unispin(static-rolling-one handed)
Leg Wraps
Wall Plants
1foot riding
Rolling hop up 3 pallets:(
Zero Plants(working up to crankflips)

Working on 360 unispins

birthday:april 2
riding style:trials, MUni (but mostly trials)
practice time daily:1 hour

1.pedal grab
2.one foot riding
3.stair jumps
4. gaps
5.skinnies (but not to skinnie):stuck_out_tongue:
6.2 pallet side hop.i know its terrible but i just cant get the hang of side hopping

Age 14
May 13
Street & Trials alittle
60 min or so

  1. 180 Unispin, 1 handed and rolling
  2. Zero Plant
  3. No Footer
  4. 1 Foot Ride
  5. Crank Roll
  6. Seat Drop
  7. Wall Plant
    8.Rolling hop up 3 pallets :frowning:

Ask yourself… does that make any sense what so ever?

Who is Raphael?

What!? Go to youtube and type unicycley. He’s insane.

I’m sure Raphael Poham was invented by NASA


so here is mine:

Name: Raphael Pöham
Age: 13
Birthday: 9th of August '95
Riding Style: Street & Flat and some Trial (but not often)
Country: Austria (not Australia = NO Kangarus)
Daily Practice Time: hum…sometimes 5 hours and sometimes half an our…every day diffrent :roll_eyes:

~Tricks you can do~

1. Fifthsideflip
2. 720 Unispin
3. Tripleflip
4. 450/180/450
5. 270/180/180/180/180/180/270:D
6. Big-Fakieflip
7. Treydouble
8. 1/2 Backroll then 5spin then other 1/2 backroll
9. hum…
10. äähhhh…
11. 180 Unispin :astonished:

i think this was my best tricks, but i have some other hard tricks (most Flat-Tricks, but i don’t know the name of them :o



:astonished: I need to see this :astonished: amazing!

No… They found him, somewhere in this universe…

You will see it at WuKo at the Video-Competition and if you aren’t there i will put it after on UTV;)

name: Brian
Birthday:sept. 28
Riding style: Street/what trials i can
Country: good ole’ u.s. os A.
Practice time: very little w/ school/ extracirricular activities
Started unicyclcing: about a year ago?

180 unispin
1handed 180
360 jump mount
1 ft riding
jump up 2 steps otside my front door

working on: 3 spins

wow, i’m a noob

hey, wait, raphael’s youtube channel says he’s 15, why’s this?