12-14 year old riders - click this

because my big brother signed up :roll_eyes: and hes 15

Name: Sigurd Dam Sonniks
Age: 13
Birthday: march 5 1995
Riding Style:mostly trials and some street
Country: Denmark
Daily Practice Time: uhh… hmm… errr…

Some favorite tricks:
jump up five pallets
doubleflip (twohanded :()
uhh… bailing
crankflip to onefoot riding

working on:
Every trials line i stumble across.

Worked on before changing to trials around a week ago:
doubleflip onehanded
in - in 360 unispin
outflipping down a tricky curved ledge
no footer tiregrabs with legs straight out in the air
540 unispin
doubleflipping down anything, ANYTHING, without bending my seatpost

Now is dinner for me time, so i can’t sit here and write the lists longer :slight_smile:

i think they found him and then modified him to be godly at flatland

add 540 unispins to my list! i landed them an hour ago!
im so hyper and excited woooooooo!!!

Name: Peter D***** D******
Age: 14
Birthday: none
Riding Style: street, flat, freestyle
Country: Democratic Republic of Minnesota
Daily Practice Time: basically none during winter

Some favorite tricks:
kickup mount
no-footer rev

working on:
hickflips, outflips, rolling wraps, sej flips

Name: Albert Coia
Age: 13
DOB: 10 October 1995
Country: USA
Type of riding: a little bit of everything
Practice time: when its warm 30-90 Min.
Time Started: 21 may 2008
Beginner tricks:
180 hop twist
360 hop twist
Largest drop: four feet
Highest jump: 30cm
Most stairs ridden down: 15 I could do more but can’t find a set big enough

Name: Wylie Hampson
Birthday: March 14
Style: Street/trials kinda working on some flat.
Riding since: March 14, 2008
Practice time: with snow: usually 0 hours a day. Without snow: anywhere from 0-3 hours a day.(usually more than 0)


  1. 180 unispin(seat in and out), just static, working on rolling, haven’t tried one handed
  2. Zero Plant
  3. Rolling hop up 3 pallets.
  4. jump about a 2.5 foot gap.
  5. Ride one footed.
  6. back crank roll.
  7. Seat drop.
  8. Various mounts like 180 mount, kick-up, and wrap-around mounts.

I’m working on a forward crank roll and hope to get rolling wraps soon, and I wanna start working on 360 unispins.

I’m blown away, when do you start riding!? :astonished:

Name: dan
Birthday:may 12 1996
Riding Style:trials street muni
Country: isle of wight
Daily Practice Time usely once a day

err i can unispin
55 one footers
hop up about 3 to 4 pallets
hop into a 5 foot drop in ramp
im working on learning how to glide or coast same thing i think

Birthday: September 30
Style: Street/flat/and sometimes trial (but not very often)
Country: Austria
Riding since: I think I got my first unicycle 2 years ago and 1,5 years ago my friend told me that you can do more than riding and so we did our first tricks.
Practice time: In Winter: 0-3 hours (more often 0) In Summer: 0-5 hours

Tricks you can do:

  1. 180 unispin, inspin, rolling, static
  2. Zero plants
  3. Sideway and Rolling hop up 3 pallets
  4. Grind on pedal/crank
  5. Ride one footed
  6. Backroll
  7. Wheelwalking
  8. Various mounts like 180 jumpmount, sidejumpmount,…
  9. ehhmm…I don’t know any more…:frowning:

I’m working on wrap walks and 3spins (the only problem is my left foot, I can’t get him to the pedal)

little bit more then 2.5 years :roll_eyes:

Lol… I love the way you write that… I think is the second time I see you writing that Raph!

Name: Sarah Snyder
Age: 14 3\4
Birthday: June 14, 1994
Riding Style: Mostly Freestyle and Trials… but im trying to get into flat and street
How Long You Have Been Riding: about 6 years
Country: United States, Ohio
Daily Practice Time: In the summer, 3 hours…Winter, whenever i get the chance

~Tricks you can do~

  1. Anything up to IUF level 8 minus hand ww and backward spin
  2. 4 ft gap
  3. 5 foot drops
  4. Seat Drag
  5. 180 unispin
  6. WW Backwards
  7. Stand up
  8. 175 cm long jump
  9. Leg wrap
  10. Crank idle to hopping on wheel

lol i accidentaly posted in 15-16 year olds, but im almost 15 anyway :smiley:

Name: felix aspalter
Age: 13
Birthday: february 23 , 1995
Country: Austria (in europe)
Riding style: srteet, flat and trail
Riding since: 5years and about 1,5 years seriously (about 4 months ago i did my first crankflips)
Practice time: its different but every day

tricks i can do:
1: treyflip
2: 5spin
3: sidhop and rolling up 6 palltets
4: inward smallflip
5: i like grinds and cankflips to to pedalgrinds
6: catching a crankflip down 7 pallets
7: rolling hop up 5 stairs
8: backroll, wrap walk, outsideroll
9: …
i think this are my best things i can do :roll_eyes:

Just realized I suck…

Name: Alden Crowe
Age: 15
Birthday: May 3rd '93
Trias+too much Muni
Riding Since: 7-9 months ago…
practice time: not much


rolling unispin
18inch sif hop
bit of gliding
biggest drop: Saddle Rock…
slomo wrapunispin

Name: Your mum
Riding since: 1 year ago, but I don’t practice much
Daily practice time: 30mins-1 hour

I don’t know, I just have fun…

I have to say that this thread was very helpful for me to get an idea where I should be at as a unicyclist and tricks I should learn next

Add 360 unispin to my bag of tricks:D

Add one Footed Backwards riding to me :smiley: Just learnt! :D:D

I didn’t give away much…