118mm ISIS cranks and 19" street/trial wheel with ISIS hub

Looking for a 19"street /trial wheel with ISIS hub.
Color isn’t too relevant, but no dents in the rim and hub / isis interface in good shape.

Let me know if you have something for sale!

118 ! Are you sure ?

It appears that Mimo Seedler is also using 118mm (or almost similar) cranks and looking at the description of the Impact Reagent or Sylph they have the following description:

Since I already have the Groovy 130mm cranks and dropping into skatebowls is far from smooth, 118mm makes the most sense I guess :wink:

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I really like 110s for street/skatepark riding, I do have a bit more trouble with unispins compared to the 140s I’m used to but the speed from 110s make a huge difference dealing with transitions and run ups for me.

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Ordered the 118mm cranks at municycle.com, therefore only looking for a wheel now :wink:

Mimo Seedler is currently riding moment 110s. I also ride 110s on a 20" for street. I agree with @Daniel that they can make some tricks a bit harder but in my opinion the shorter cranks and extra speed make everything faster, cleaner, and smoother. @mark.vogels, the 118s are a good choice for getting into using shorter cranks! let us know how you like them!


I think in that video he is using mad4one 114s

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