110 Cranks for jumping?


Im thinking of getting a koxx with 110 cranks but dont know if it will be alright to jump on, i like jumping with 115 but will that 5mm make any differnce?


I don’t think anyone’s tried trials on anything less than 127s. Those are the smallest splined cranks you can get apart from the koxx isis, and thats in the UK, on a KH/Onza hub. Profiles don’t go anywhere near 110s. I liked the drop from my 140s to my 127s, got lots more speed and didn’t really affect my stability, I say go for it.


Yeh the only thing i think it will affect with smaller cranks are the drops but i dont tend to do them so i think it will be ok, oh ur still online :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldnt know as i deleted everyone from my msn

those cranks seem so small and sucky

have you tested them?


whats your size and weight? and whats sucky mean?

I think they are pretty sexy cranks, and everyone seems to like the smaller splined cranks for trials. Plus the smaller ones look beefier (but that may be a camera trick) and I would imagine that they are stronger because there is less of a lever effect with the shorter crank.

i rode the koxx 110s for a while. im a horrible street rider so my vote shoukd hardly count, but iv jumped some stairs like 5 sets and done side hops and rolling hops on them and i love them

Well i would say i am a street rider lol well no freestyle :stuck_out_tongue: ashame i cant test them before i buy lol

…on a slick tire 20" right? instead of a huge heavy trials tire.

I would GUESS that 110’s are too small. But what do I know.

I think 110 would be to short for a trials tire, but should be good for a slick bmx tire. I have the 125 koxx cranks with a luna trials tire and they are great. I dont think you would be able to break the 110 because there wouldent be enough leverage bu then it might come out from under you on big dops.

i rode street with 110 koxx1 cranks for quite a while and they held up fine, and i grinded on them alot, and hopped some sets. as far as hopping height goes i don’t think the short cranks hurt or helped my hopping, but i could pedal faster and they made everything feel alot more smooth.

We all know how fast anthony pedals

I’m definately going to get 127mm cranks rather than 140mm.

Nearly everyone I have heard has said that they prefered smaller cranks to larger ones for trials/street.

(sorry for post Hijacking :slight_smile: )

If 110’s dont help for jumping i think ill go for the next size above which are 125mm? i might get it in the next month and have a go round bristol on it or i might not because im lazy