11 Month Riders - Progress Report

I have been unicycling for 11 months and 1 day. I learnt on the 13th January 2004. And now Im wondering were im at in comparison to other riders of 11 months or there abouts?
Just so you know it took me 20 minutes to ride 50m
Right so now I can:
Ride backwards
1ft ride and idle with both legs
180 unispin
Jump mount (180 jump mount)
Suicide mount
kickup mount
Rolling hop around 1.7m
Rolling hop down 7 stairs
Hop up about 58cm
ummm I dunno I think thats it. I ride trials, muni and street, so can obviously do the related skills for them.
So if youve been riding for around 11 months, give or take, what can you do??

Re: 11 Month Riders - Progress Report

Re: Re: 11 Month Riders - Progress Report

I’ve been riding for 11 months and 7 days I can

rolling hop 6 or 7 steps (down)
rolling hop up about 3 steps
rolling hop height is about 26 inches
I can seat out hop 2 feet consistently
I can go from crank/pedal grab to rubber
my side gap is about 5 feet
Wheel Walk(almost got 1 foot wheel walk)
180 unispin
kickup mount
suicide mount
jump mount/180 jump mount
hop on wheel (almost 90 degree unispin into hop on wheel)
6 foot drop(going for a 7 soon)
ride backwards
ride down steps (not backwards)
seat drop
360 (off something)
stand still (not long though)
idle/ride 1 foot with right foot

thats all I can think of for right now…

I’ve been riding about that long, and I can:

ride for about a mile without a UPD, if the pavement is good
straighten the seat after I UPD
go 5 miles in about an hour and a half (with multiple dismounts and some walking)
turn left
turn right
check the tire pressure before I ride
go up gradual inclines
go down slightly steeper inclines
free-mount about 30% of the time on a 24" unicycle
ride a 36" wheel (once I get on with the help of a telephone pole)
carry the unicycle up a flight of stairs
carry the unicycle down a flight of stairs
keep the nuts properly torqued to prevent undesirable clicks, wobbles and howling noises
lock the unicycle properly when I go shopping or to a movie
take the metro with my unicycle without being challenged
have intelligent conversations with people who ask about unicycling

My goals for next year are to:

improve my free-mount
learn to free-mount the 36" wheel
learn to use the brake on my 36" wheel
learn to ride backwards on my 20" and 24" wheels
ride over 10 miles with one mount

It’s about 11 months since I started. I can:

  • Static mount with either foot almost every time (equally easily on the 20", slightly more comfortable left-footed on the 26").

  • Ride as far as I like on tarmac (presumably until I get tired, although I’ve never tested that), or until I get to a hill I can’t ride up (although I’m getting better with hills).

  • Ride cross-country on easyish trails, longest so far about 10 miles (home to work!)

  • Hop on the spot a bit, but not up kerbs or rolling hops yet.

  • Side mount (20", leg behind) occasionally - probably only about 1 in 20.

  • Test my protective gear when ambition outweighs talent on some bits of trail.

  • Pick myself up and try to look cool after the above happens in front of people.

I still have a real problem with idling and riding backwards - seems like I’m unusually slow picking up these skills. I think it’s mainly because I’m a coward and don’t want to fall backwards :frowning:

Also, a moderate side wind still turns me into an arm-flailing muppet :roll_eyes:


those are pretty unforgiving skills to learn and unless u’re actually putting 10-20 minutes per day aside to focus on them specifically, it will take a while
the good news is that they are somewhat linked and if u go thru the whole Ride Forward - Stop - Half Revolution Back - Ride Off - Next Time Full Revolution Back - System, u’ll pick up idling and backwards at about the same time

just remember to slow down when u idle and remember to relax your hips when u ride backwards

I’ve been riding for… 3 weeks, and i know how to:

The stepover.
Freemount with right foot.
Freemount with left foot.
Sidemount with right foot (sometimes)
Turn 180, in 1*1meter square in both directions.
Idle with right foot down 7 times
Ride down a about 20 cm drop
Ride up or over about 5cm high things.
Ride on gravel and unsmmooth surfices.

Edit: And by the way, the 13th of January 2004 is 10 months back. :slight_smile:

B*****d! :wink:

Oh, and GILD, thanks for the tips - I can sometimes do a half-pedal backwards and then ride away - I’m sure I’ll get it in the end.


i have been riding for 4 months and can do the following…

ride backward
SIF hop 26"
rolling hop down 5 stairs
1 foot idle (both feet)
bc wheel
180 uni spin
380 on flat ground
sib ride
wheel walk
hop on tire
ride down stairs
backward rail ride
gap 4 feet
rolling hop 5 feet (on flat ground)
5 foot drop

and last but no least, CRASH


Besides that i walk my dog, riding my uni, can keep a good phase for over 100 meters, should check how fast i’m going.

All this, on a 20" of course. :slight_smile:

This may start to look like I’m flooding, but, i’m just so f*cking happy right now.

After a while if hard training, I now can jump… don’t know how high, but i could jump up the sidewalk, and that is about 4" and ride along. I would guess that i jump about 6" without support, and i jumped about 1’ long on my lawn, and rode away.

Feel the sweet smell of progress.

Oh yeah! Man im a dumbass!

woah its kinda strange to all of a sudden have a month of your thought riding time knocked off.

Geez Pete, you’re kicking ass already what are you talking about?

As for progress I have heard of people that have reached Level 10 in 2yrs or so, but those are people that are really focussed on tricks/freestyle. A lot of us just ride after a while.

Personally, most of the tricks I know I learnt in my first 4-6 months, the rest of the time I’ve spent getting better at MUni or going faster/further/longer.

my progress

I’ve been riding since march 2004 (8 months) and I can:

Freemount either foot and reverse freemount,
Suicide mount,
Jump mount,
Side mount either side,
go backwards,
270 in the air, can’t get 360’s yet,
180 off kerbs and carry on backwards,
idle one-footed (right foot down),
ride one footed (either foot),
I can start idling one-foot, move off still going one-foot and then one foot idle again,
Crank Grab to Rubber (I crank-grabbed to rubber onto a traffic bollard that was about 7" wide one day),
Rolling hop down 2 or 3 steps (not very confident at that),
Side hop down 6ft drop (On Onza 24"),
Side hop 6ft (across) gap,
Hop seat out into hopping on wheel, can’t get back to pedals tho!
Go up or down big steep hills on my 20" (hills aren’t really a challenge on the Onza 24" - unless they’re muddy!!!),
Grind (a wee bit - my longest is about 1ft but I rode away),
Hop up a fairly unlimited number of steps (one or two steps per hop),
Ride down stairs (I’v done all the stairs I can find in Glasgow!),
Do a sweet wee spin off a lamp-post (or person!),
Go faster than everyone at Glasgow Juggling Club,

And in all this time I’v also managed to destroy a standard uni, cut my shins to bits, raise money for charity by unicycling 13miles, learned to juggle clubs, be in the local paper, and break my arm!!!

And last but not least, I’ve met loads of really nice people.

What a laugh I’ve had doing it all.


This is interesting.
after 6 months I can do hardly any of the stuff listed. I’ve done level 2, can’t quite idle, can’t quite ride backwards a couple of revs. I know time & effort on certain tasks account for a lot. given a choice I’d rather ride the muni than the 20" when i’ve got the time for a ride.

But I wonder how may have done a 16-ish mile ride on a 24" within 3 months of first getting on a uni. :sunglasses: (that’s a cue for links to previous posts of 10 year olds riding 50 miles in a day on a 20" within 1 week of starting!)

I got my first uni just over 2 months ago and I can now:

Freemount both feet down.
Rolling-ish mount.
Rollback mount both feet down.
Rollback mount seat out.
Ride as far as I want.
Ride SIF as far as I want on good ground.
Ride backwards a few revs.
Ride 1 foot for ages.
Idle and 1 foot idle.
Learning to wheelwalk.
Rolling hop 10" up.
Sidehop 12"
SIF Sidehop 12"
3’ drop.
Crank hang and pedal hang but I still can’t go 2 rubber!

6 months

ive been unicycling for 6 months and i can:

ride backwards 10m every once in a while

hop five times

turn 180 degrees to lft. & rt.

ride down a curb

ride as long as i want

ride on stomach

ride with seat in front and back

ride on a beam 10ft. long and about 3 inches wide

and all the other pretty easy stuff for levels 1,2,& 3