11.10.08 - Isaac Steiner & Jacob Reesor


Here’s a video my friend and I made today. All filmed on October 11, 2008.

I didn’t have that much fun editing it, but I liked it in the end.

Music: Coldplay - Viva la vida

Vimeo -http://www.vimeo.com/1942399


YouTube (soon)

Happy thanksgiving everyone ! :slight_smile:



Vimeo Link


Music has been used before…
Other than that nice vid.

Why did you change your username if you are still doing street and flat though? Not that I want you to only do trials.

awesome riding, the music fit well, don’t worry about it being used before, so long as you aren’t trying to copy someone else’s specific video.

Yeah, mtv, tv, radio, its just used too much by everyone, we shouldnt ever use any song that is like that.

Nice video. In the beginning you looked like a miniature Max Shultze.

Cool youre getting pretty good.I liked the skinny riding round that bench

nice riding and video


wearing a mountain bike helmet doesnt make
you look any better at trials.

Awsome video.

Yer but it stops you from cracking your head.

Kris rides with a MTB helmet too…

Its good that he rides with a helmet… i always ride with one too, even if i never landed on my head so far (except one time, but that was just stupid haha)

Its not about good looking… its about beeing safe if something happens.
IMO your comment is just öashnvba. I cant even describe it. Its his decision if he wants to use a helmet or not.

+1 for riding with helmet, doesnt matter what kind.

Dont let the stuff like skaters start… doing big stuff and cracking their skulls. Scared (on MTV) always features skaters and inliners… always without helmet… IMO those guys are just plain stupid.


Nice vid :slight_smile:

Enjoyed that! Good skills…

Thanks for the comments everyone :slight_smile: Youtube and UTV will be up soon.

I honestly didn’t know that music had been used. Sorry about that.

Humm, I don’t wear the mtb helmet just to make myself look better at trials. I wear it because it’s a lot lighter than wearing a skate helmet on my head…:wink:



Youtube Link


UTV Link




UTV Link



Nice job, good trials, the sideways ww is really good too.

great video man, you two are getting really good. Your flow looks really nice on trials, mines sloppy, but it looks as though you rarely mess up your form. Keep it up.

really nice vid! nice riding:) i hope i could ride with you one day it would be really nice!!!