10 Annual STOMP Muni Fest October 20-23, 2022 With Kris Holm!

Come ride with Kris Holm at the 10th annual STOMP Muni Fest this year October 20-23! Register at the link below:

For more info go to the link below and toggle through the tabs:


This is awesome. I’ve signed up a while ago. My only questions is what defines and separates an advanced rider from intermediate. I’m trying to figure out what rides to plan for. Thanks in advance.

That’s a good question. My definition is if you can ride 7+ miles maintaining at least a 5 mile per hour average without taking breaks you are advanced…Another indicator is if you can ride while holding the handle your an intermediate/advanced…At STOMP we’ll be taking lots of “video session” breaks on the advanced rides. So even if you’re an intermediate you’ll probably be able to keep up.


Well that sounds hopeful for me. Thank you.

Also, are there vendors? Like should I bring money for that? Does UDC sell stuff there?

Thanks again.

There aren’t any vendors but there are restaurants, hotels and a Walmart within 10 minutes of the campsite. Most people that camp bring their food with them to the camp sight. UDC doesn’t sell stuff at our event but they do send some swag for us to give away. Also, they have always been very supportive promoting our event on their website and sending out flyers.

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Thank you. And yep I have about 10 advertisement postcards for this from UDC. Its a good thing.