1 month unicycling!!!!

This is me one month into my unicycling career soo hope you like the video :wink:

good progress dude!

the hives = awesome.

god, whats the introish piece with the bell/clanging, then the guitar. I know its not of the song in the video, but ive heard that before. Please tell me, its going to bug me so much.

wait nvm… sorry… i remember now… yes it is… Just ive listened to way too many live songs before that sound like that. Lol… sorry.

Good progress, remember to hop away from your hand that is holding the handle. Your free hand will help you to counterbalance, even if you don’t need it right now. It’s a good habit to get into.

hey man lovethe shirt i anit no 9er fan but love steve young (go broncos :stuck_out_tongue: )

anyways looking good for first month, trying to get into trials or have you made up your mind yet… i know it took me about 1 and half to make my mind. <3 muni <3

i really like trials soo im thinking of getting into that