1 ft seat on side?

Is this 1 ft seat on side? Does anyone know how to do this? Any tips? what would the best transistion in and out of it be?

That is indeed 1ft seat on side. If you can transition to crank idle, this is probably something you can do, especially the idling part. That’s also how I’d get into riding like this were I motivated to do so.

ok thanks. I was thinking crank idle would be good. Whenever i try the actual riding though i loose my balance. Where you most of my weigth be? on the seat like when doing side ride? or in the either of my feet?

I’m actually not sure, as I’ve never tried this. I would guess mostly on the frame/seat, since if you put too much weight on your pedalling foot you’re going to run into problems maintaining forward momentum.

That is one-footed seat on side. The easiest way to get in and out of it, I presume, is to idle seat on side, then pull you foot over onto the crown, idle a little more, than take off. To get out, just go to one-footed idling, seat on side, then throw your high leg over, sit on the seat and ride off.

I can’t really do this skill. I want to learn it, and have been practicing it a little, but haven’t had the time to get it down. I have gotten one full cycle of the wheel in my basement a few times, but I always run out of room and have to dismount.

It’s definitely easier than side ride, but feels somewhat similar. When I’ve practiced it, I’ve generally divided my weight between the saddle, the fork, where my left foot is placed, and the right pedal, when it’s in the down position.

Before learning riding one-footed seat on side, you should probably practice idling in this position. It’s a lot like crank idle, and should be pretty easy to learn. When I’ve had the most success, I’ve just idled one-footed seat on side, then done bigger and bigger idles until I was able to get the pedal over the top.

Hope this helps.

I’ve recently learned 1-foot-seat-on-side, so can give tips from a beginner’s viewpoint.

Getting into the easy way: Idle seat on side or crank idle - whichever is easier for you- then put your foot onto the frame. Big idles are needed to get the required power/speed to get the first revolution.
Riding: Put your weight on the frame and/or the seat. This is key for this skill. If you’re putting too much weight on the pedalling foot, you’ll bounce up and down and typically will fall. Hold the seat in the middle (directly over the frame). Similar to seat on side, this skill is more natural when done in a circle, so don’t fight it by trying to go straight.
Getting out of: You can either stop the forward movement and idle (seat on side or seat on side 1ft). I like flipping my leg over to continue riding forward in the std position- no stopping to idle.


seat on side 1ft ext

Another video, Sem Abrahams riding, is at www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/sem_teresa.htm (one from the bottom).

Klaas - the video you mentioned of Sem is side ride. Notice that his right foot is on the left pedal?
Compared to the video of Leo where he IS doing seat on side-1-footed extended - his left foot is on the left pedal.

Subtle differences, and since I cannot do the foot-extended version of seat on side 1-footed nor side ride, I don’t know which is more difficult. I know Ryan W can do both and does a nice transition where he switches from the one skill to the other. I’ll see Ryan at practice tonight & will try to remember to ask him post his comments.


The one-footed seat on side with foot extended is a much easier skill to learn in comparison to side ride. To get into the 1 ft seat on side skill, idling in position is definitely the easiest if you want to go in a circle. You also want to hold the seat in the center and put more pressure on the seat than the uni’s frame. If you want to go in a straight line, the best way to get into the skill is by doing seat in front and then flipping your foot over onto the frame while riding at a steady pace. To learn the skill foot extended, you need to put a LOT of weight on the seat, much like side-ride, and hold the seat with both hands. To switch from ext to side ride, you need to totally shift your weight and be extremely solid at both skills. It is a nice transition, but hard for viewers to catch right away.


In most cases I don’t like it when riders or non-riders say some skill is easy or hard, because in most of those cases it depent on the person. I never seriously practised this skill, but when I was reading about your transition I realized I only tried the opposit (side-ride to seat-side 1ft ext).
So today I tried it 1st time, and I have to admit, when you can do both skills this transition must be very easy.

The diff. with side-ride is that when doing seat on side 1ft ext, then your “inside leg” has to be located more towards the outside.

I still like to learn the side-ride with my non-dominant leg, and this skill might be a good practise to get there.

During the recording I allready noticed I hardly use my front hand… but on my way back home, I remembered I forgot to give it a try.
I hardly ever practise, but hopefully I can do it next time.

Yes, it took a couple of shots. At some you hardly notice at all that something has happened. But this one should be pretty obvious (though the seasonal lightning in “my” mall made it a bit blurry).

Has anyone ever done a seat on side coast? Either like Figure A or Figure B (below). Figure B could be done freehanded or with 1 or 2 hands on the seat. I have seen people do seat on side gliding and seat on side stand up gliding but nothing like either trick below.

anyone know?

In the second JUA video the little kid does it. I was simply amazed, not only is a side ride glide insane, it also rhymes!
I know you wanted coast but its close enough.

I know at least two people that can do seat on side coast like figure A. Julien Monoe from Switzerland and Andy Schwarz from Minnesota. And they both can do it for a good distance. I don’t think either one gets into it from riding though, they run and mount into it.


I can do the seat on side coasting as shown in Figure A, but I go in a circle.

Oops, sorry for forgetting you Ryan. I thought you might be able to do it but wasn’t sure. Can you get into and out of it from riding?