1 foot ww regression

ive been working on my 1 f ww this past week and i got pretty good, 45 foot stretches and whatnot… but these past few days i have been lucky to get 10 feet, i have regressed severly, it is the most frustrating thing i think ive ever done on a unicycle. no matter how hard i tryed it felt like i was doing it for the first time. so i was wondering if this has ever happen to you guys and if so do you have any pointers on how to get out of this slump?


Im with ya mate, The past 4 months i havnt been unicycling at all, but now i am begining to start back up, i cant wheel walk worth jack, i can 1ft ww for aobut 100ft, and can glide 3ft, im quite pissed, i think just more practice will get you better.

I’ve had a similar “slump” while learning many skills. Coasting and seat drag have been particularly problematic. Just keep on practicing, and it will come eventually. You might consider taking a short (3-4 day) break from the skill though, as this might give you time to unlearn certain bad habits you may have picked up.