06" Kris Holm Unicycles

Rumor? Speculation? Is he even going to make them, and if so will it be more then just a new color powdercoat. Could the 05’s even be improved, in a COST benificial way, lets be realistic people.

Sorry for the misleading title,

I´ve heard the frames will be made out of marchsmallows.


You do?

I’m going to be getting a KH MUni early december. What time does the line usually refresh? Frankly, the '05s look like they’re amazing rides as is, and I can’t think what would be changed. If I miss the new features, I don’t think I’m going to mind much. It’d be nice to know though :stuck_out_tongue:

The only bit I’ve heard is a carbon fiber housing for the hub. No idea if it’s still being considered, though.

Oooooo Brett! Did-ya Hear that??? C-a-r-b-o-n F-i-b-e-r!

A new model will be produced for 2006 and yes it will have a different color to distinguish it from the the '05s. There will be improvements, but the change is not as different as the '05s were.

Carbon fiber housings would that be such a good idea?
They would get pretty smashed up from grinding / crankgrabbing and such?

I would wish for stronger rim on the trials uni!

2 people i know have broken it in the same way…
It has cracked in the seam!

Both got new rims for free though :slight_smile:

I do have a soft spot for carbon fiber.

Hrm I just might have to wait to buy my next muni till they come out, hopefully the improvments will be worth waiting, if not, i can hope there will be a price drop on the 05’s, and just nab one of them.

The “seam” was a groove to make hydraulic brakes “squeak” when the pads wear too low. (Or something) Consequentially the groove made the side wall very weak, however for me the problem has been rectified. As far as I know most of the KH20 05’s are now shipped with new KH rims without the groove, I use the new KH rim without the groove. I don’t do very extreme stuff but did break two of the rims, under warranty, with the groove in them; the new KH rim is holding up great.

That’s great to hear, go KH! :slight_smile:

KH should do something about the seatpost, people seem to break it all the time.

there’s really not a whole lot you can do, without getting custom parts in that area. Rails would be the next step up. And even then, those aren’t that strong. They would make the unicycle heavier.

the next alternative, is a costly one. And that’s to go to a thompson post, with a scott wallis de-rail base. I’m running that set-up with success, right now. I couldn’t be happier with it.

But, it’s way more than the average rider requires out of a unicycle.


Couldn’t the rail-thingie be in the way when going soif, or that you could get stuck with your fingers…

Why don’t they make a 27.2mm steel seatpost?
Instead of the aluminium one…

they 06’s need to be green


i never really had it happen…but i was indeed worried about my fingers getting stuck in the rails. There were only a few times where I came close. But, it was still a scary prospect.

steel would be heavier.

It’s just the way that the top of the post fits into the plate. That weld isn’t much for the more advanced riders. From the pictures I’ve seen, it looks like they always break there. And, I think, it’s probably due in part to the flex that occures mainly in the front of the seat. It might not be so bad with carbon fibre.

Actauly they r gonna be made out of carrots…

I don’t have any problem with my rails on my seat. I just fit one of my fingers over the rail, and it works fine that way. I’ve never thought about the possibility of getting my finger stuck…