'06 KHs

How long have the current KH Unis been out? Does anyone believe we will see new '06 models before christmas? Can you speculate as to whether we will be seeing the '05s on sale at unicycle.com as the old onzas were? What could possibly be improved with a new model and what are you hoping for? I’d like to hear everyone’s opinions!

While I don’t know much about the beefier end of the unicycle spectrum, I am going to be buying one of these soon. I’m thinking there will be minor improvements, but I don’t see any huge changes to the unis. From what I can discern without actually owning one, the current line of KH unis is as close to perfect as you can get on a stock model.

(waiting waiting waiting for my birthday to arrive… :D)

the only thing I dont like about the kh unis r the saddles … if they could make them with less foam and a stronger base thatd be a nice change for the 06!

I believe, and am really hoping, the '06s will be out early December. This is just going off of the fact that last years '05s were released early December. I wouldn’t doubt that the '05s would go on sale once the '06s were released, but the '05s are really awesome so who knows.

Lets see, If I could upgrade some stuff from the '05s I’d say make the cranks/hub stronger. They’re already strong, but hey, you can always make things stronger. Oh and from what I’ve seen, the snafu pedals can get a lot of play in them pretty easily so swap out those for something else. Incredibly its hard to think of anything else, because the '05s are so good. Uhh make it stronger and lighter? I’m sure Kris will come up with something.

Also, who considers getting the KH 24" wheelset and yuni frame off UDC and scrapping an already owned Torker LX for the remaining parts until more money is available a better alternative to the Qu-ax?

make a 26" option available…I have never even seen a KH MUni with my own eyes before, but still, seems like a 26" option would be useful to some people.

How do we know that there will be a 2006 model?

Because we trust that Kris Holm Unicycles won’t go out of business and will update their unicycles yearly like other unicycle and bike companies.

I DO know (from talking to kris at Moab) that the seat will be dual density foam. I sat on one and it was sexy.

I think there won’t be too many large improvements, or at least that’s the idea I got talking to him.

Ya they are sweet I have one, the thickness is perfect for seat out, the top layer of foam is real soft and under it the foam is harder, so you don’t “bottom out”

Is that the KH gel saddle?

I don’t know what he’s talking about, but Kris had a normal looking seat with dual density foam at moab…

could you elaborate Kc?

EDIT: I think that’s waht he had anyway. anybody who remembers more than me want to correct me?

its the new kh seats… like jeff groove has shown us earlyer

Do we really want unicycling to go in the direction of releasing a new model just because the year’s gone up by 1? For bike companies it seems to be mandatory, but lots of the changes are not that significant. Why not leave the product line as it is, until enough improvements can be made to make a new model sufficiently different? If that happens to occur every year at about the same time then that’s fair enough, but to release an 07, 08 etc. just because it has been decreed that this is How It Shall Be Done seems pointless.


I agree with you John, from the consumers’ point of view, but it probably makes good business sense in a world where there are plenty of people who MUST have the latest. These people will all go out and buy an '06 widget to replace their perfectly good '05 widget just because it’s a newer model (often little more than a different colour of paint). If this helps to make money for people like Kris, Roger et al, then they will continue to be there providing us with a source of unicycle parts, which is a good thing. What does annoy me is when companies change the design of a part just for the sake of it and make the new part completely incompatible with all existing parts, so one small bit of damage or wear means replacing everything at great expense.


Yeah it does seem silly to ut out a new model just for the sake of it, looking back at previous KH models:

Removed the nub on the cranks, slightly different hub design (the old one had a ridge and then tapered down across its width, the newer one is flat), better saddle

New hub, new cranks, new frame, new rim, better yet saddle

05->06 Who knows? Im guessing something fairly minor, the last model was such a radical jump from the previous, is this is a one off or does it show the growth in the development department of KH enterprises? I can’t believe that Kris would change any parts spuriously so if he releases an '06 model he’s obviously thinks he’s made enough changes to justify it, i just can’t think what those are, that would still leave his product in the same price bracket.

Perhaps a seat post without a rail adaptor so that seat out hops are easier. That’s the reason why I haven’t bought the KH freeride.

Maybe instead of massive changes to the current design he’ll just branch out. I’m thinking a lighter, street orientated unicycle. He’s seemed to concentrate on trials and Muni so far, so there is room for a larger commuter, freestyle (not really Kris’ thing tho) and street.


I think the seat base could be better. It’s too wambly (Ultimate jargon when the disc is too floppy, either from being beat to sh!t, or just a copycat inferior plastic disc).

Mmmm…a serious KH production commuter would be sweet. A nice light alum. frame and get Stockton to consult on the wheel.

Re: the freestyle uni, I’m sure Kris knows just a few high level freestylers he could hire to spec one out.

Yes we really do want it that way. This way, old models will go on sale, and more innovation happens. Thats how things evolve. Every year the flaws of the previous year are hopefully fixed, new complaints are brought up.

Tons of little tweaks over three years will probably be better than a massive single release three years later because more problems will be worked out from lots of user testing. We will also get the benefit of riding it as the problems are fixed each year.

Also If I buy a unicycle 2 years from now, I’m going to want the latest technology at the time. I’m not going to want to buy 2 year old technology and then 6 months later, when an amazing one is released, my unicycle sucks compared to the latest. Alright I’m done, haha.