05 KH24 troubles.

I am riding an 05 KH24, and have recently started having trouble with it. The crank has some play in it. I have checked all bolts to make sure they are tight. Has anyone else had a similar problem, or does anyone have a suggestion to fix it?

Is this the splined crank? If so, the center bolts need to be tightened quite well. It takes a long allen wrench (at least 12") and a fair amount of torque to get the center bolt tight enough. Using your foot for leverage helps get them good and tight. Also, I think the center bolts need to be tightened before torquing the bolts on the cranks. If it is splined, it is important to lubricate the splines before asembly so they don’t get rusted to the cranks.

Pedalone, the 05 doesn’t have pinch bolts, only end bolts, and the grease is to fill minute gaps to stop crank movement, not rust. The centre bolt should be pretty tight, but don’t over do it. How do you know they have play, do you feel it when riding, hear it, or can you actyually move the cranks with your hand? If it’s either of the first two i suggest you check your pedals and bearings and spokes as they can often be the source of squeaks or clicks, or strange feeling in the pedal. If you can move the cranks with your hands when the bolts are tight it suggests there’s something pretty wrong with your uni, i suggest you contact whoever you bought it off , explain the problem and see what they can do about fixing it.

Might aswell be the spoketension that is nearly spaghetti, LOTS of new unicycles have this out of the box, or after a couple of sessions, because it doesnt stay tight, dont know why, lack of spoke-massage?

Tighten your spokes, or at least check they’re tight!
Solved the problems i had with my 04 onza muni when i thaouth my hub was sloppy…

I contacted the person I bought it from, and he said that there was an issue with some of the Kris Holms cranks. He said to return it to him, and he will remedy the problem, free of charge.

I can move the crank with my hand. There is about an eighth of an inch of play before it engages the hub.

I’m glad the problem will be fixed, but it also means I’ll be without my uni for a week or so. It’ll be the first time I’m away from it. Woe is me.

uhh oh i think mine might be that way too cuz when i put some weight on the cranks then rotate the wheel 180, then put weight on the cranks again it make a clicking noise, is this the same thing that happened to you???

I have a KH29 that is creaking. I don’t think it’s the cranks. and I have swapped out the pedals. Some of the posts say it’s the wheel build. I am wondering who did the wheel build on these. It doesn’t say wheel build by Kovachi on the UDC site. Were these wheels built in Taiwan?

I didn’t really notice any noises, until after I knew it was loose. If you hold your wheel from spinning, and turn the crank, you will see some movement before it actually engages the hub. If this is the case it needs to be bonded together, so I’ve discovered.

Is your hub/crank Kris Holms? If so, who did you buy it from?

It is very common for new unicycle wheels to need their spokes re-tensioned. This usually is needed after about 6 -10 hours of riding as the spokes stretch and seat themselves into position. It is not by any means related to the brand of unicycle.

The splines should be liberally coated with anti-seize ideally, but grease is better than nothing.

Also check the bearing holder bolts for tightness.

another 8th inch washer on each side needed.