05 KH20 and Custom Muni

Hi everyone,

I have two unicycles to sell. Can post anywhere (buyer pays shipping). I live in Canberra Australia (post code 2601). I am also open to the idea of parting out unicycles as long as most parts are taken account of. So here is the run down

KH20 2005 model- (NOTE: Cranks are bent as shown in pictures)

  • 2005 frame
    -Jim C pedals
  • KH rim (not drilled)
  • nimbus gel seat with rail adapter and rail seat post
  • maxis creepy crawler (still a decent amount of tread on it)
  • double bolt kh seat post

Asking: $300AUS

Custom Muni

  • Profile Hub/cranks (170mm)
  • GP 4130 Cromo frame with machined bearing holders (black)
  • Old velo style KH seat (is pretty tatty)
  • SMO dice tripple walled 24" rim with machined sidewalls
  • Nokian Gazzaloddi 24x3
  • Double bolt seat post clamp (silver)

Asking $300AUS

PM me if you want to make an offer on individual parts and i will consider it.

Ok thanks for your interest.

how much is 300 AUS in american dollars

The internet is a great resource with sites like this

Which will answer your currency questions for you.
(300 AUS is $245us approx)


The internet is a great resource with sites like this

Which will answer your currency questions for you.
(300 AUS is $245us approx)


wow ur killed the trial uni pretty good :astonished:

and i am VERY interested in the muni!! i would like to test it first tho. i live in wagga (3 hours west of canberra) BUT i dont think i hav $300 :frowning:

ill c wat i can do money wise

If shipping is not outrageous, I’m interested in the KH.

how much for only the wheel set of the Muni?

I’m wondering are this still selling? Or is are they sold?

it looks like you could just rotate the cranks a notch and it would be straight, especially since there 36 splines, are you sure the crank is bent?

Hi guys,
Neither of these have sold yet. I am currently talking to some people here in my home town that might be interested in buying them (the muni in particular) but if that does not work out i will consider the offers you have made.

As for the cranks, i suppose you could try to reorientate the cranks around a spline to correct for the bend in the crank, would not be perfect but might give a better result.

thanks for your interest, keep hassling me and i will get back to you as soon as i know what these guys here are going to do.


Have any of these sold yet? I’m still interested :slight_smile:

Hi guys,
Just letting you know that the Muni is no longer on the market- but if you are interested in the trials let me know and we can work something out. Cheers,

What is that red thing on the the kh frame?


Hi UNIbike,
That is just a sticker that i put on the frame- it can come off piece of piss with some warm water. You interested?

I’m interested on only parts lol:D like the frame and maybe the seat adapter.

What size seat post does the frame take and any damage on the frame?

Hi unibike,
The frame takes 27.2mm seat posts- the standard KH seatpost size. I’d prefer to sell the unicycle as a whole but if other offers are not around i will consider your offer. thanks,

Ok. I can wait, it is not that urgent.